For Supply Chain Managers in Sydney, data security is high on the list of supply chain challenges. Continuous cyber-attacks, security breaches, multiple data gathering applications, and misuse of business information are the major security alarms. Recovery from security breaches is a tough nut to crack, and requires large amounts of time, money, and resources for damage control as these factors can negatively impact the business’s image among service providers, customers, and suppliers. Certain benchmarks are implemented to ensure data security and reduce the chances of data breaches and most freight forwarders in Sydney follow these standards and continuously strive to improve your data security. Further, to avoid the possibility of security breaching within the supply chain, they make sure to align with only trusted partners.

Read on to learn more about the standards freight forwarders in Sydney apply to secure your valuable data and information, as well as questions supply chain managers must ask for regarding security standards for any new alliance.

Cloud-based data storage system for better security and controlled access

Storing data on individual systems increases retrieval time and makes it person dependent, which increases the risk of security breaches while transferring data. To overcome these challenges, freight forwarders in Sydney have started using centralised cloud-based systems for their IT-systems. This cloud-based system helps them to back up data on a daily or hourly basis, providing controlled access, reducing data retrieval time and centralising the system, making monitoring an easy task.

Documents always delivered confidentially

Your shipping documents contain a lot of information about your suppliers, products, prices, customers, and other business information. Mishandling any of the shipping documents may reveal this confidential information and could be beneficial for you competitors. Freight forwarders in Sydney implement strict protocols to deliver your documents with confidentiality, and permit access of these documents to certain limited professionals only. Additionally, they train their field staff to avoid any common mistakes which may be responsible for a security breach.

Latest TMS and other isolated systems provide better data protection

In the past years, all the shipping information and data were stored and transferred through papers and on e-mails. This meant freight forwarders in Sydney were having a tough time controlling data security as well as access to the information. TMS and other high-end IT systems have revolutionised the shipping industry and helped them to work in isolation with controlled access. In particular, all the data can be transferred and monitored from a single location in an the encrypted format. These IT systems boost the confidence of supply chain managers to rely upon freight forwarders for the security of their sensitive and critical data.

API integration with other systems for limited data exposure

Data transfer is a critical phase of data management, and chances of security breaches is high in this stage if not managed appropriately. Exchanging your data between supply chain entities such as freight forwarders, transporters, customs agents and within the team is essential for the business and requires ease of access to information for success, but increases the security risks. Therefore, to minimise data exposure, freight forwarders in Sydney prefer to integrate their system with service providers through API integration. This assists them in transferring data securely as well as electronically with better control and security.

Freight forwarders have strict data policy with employees and associated service providers

To maintain data security, established freight forwarders in Sydney make sure data is available and accessible to authorised personnel only. When employees and associates use data or information provided or entrusted to them, the data should be used according to the agreed purposes. Based on the accessibility, freight forwarders classify the data into various categories so management and workers understand the differences and their rights. Alongside, they implement custom data security policies safeguarding the data they’re entrusted with for proper use.

Data security is not only protecting your data, it is protecting the livelihood of your business. Established freight forwarders in Sydney work in isolation, and after multiple cyber-attacks have contributed much effort and capital to avoid data security breaches. Most freight forwarders appoint a separate workforce for data security, so the performance of each supply chain function can become streamlined, thus producing a high quality of service. Supply chain managers must inform the freight forwarders on the data security and define security parameters for maintaining confidentiality.

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