As we look on the other side of the pandemic and get back into everyday life, there’s many questions surrounding the future of supply chain and logistics and the role they will play in the years to come. Speaking as one of the largest and longest running providers of supply chain and logistics in Australia, the team at BCR have been inundated with queries and comments surrounding where we see the business going in the future.

They’re not unfair questions at all, with technology implementation becoming more commonplace and supplementing the overall processes, there is always credence for wondering what the future will bring.

This blog piece will explore some of the fundamental ways that good supply chain and logistics providers like us will always be a part of modern commerce and playing a larger role than ever with the eCommerce boom of the last few years.

eCommerce Boom

The eCommerce boom really threw a majority of supply chain and logistics providers into a frenzy throughout the pandemic. The lockdowns and subsequent restrictions kept a majority of customers at home and as such, eCommerce platforms began to rise rapidly in popularity and volume.

This naturally kicked our industry into gear with an unprecedented number of new clients ranging from small independent sellers to large-scale conglomerates making their way to the digital sphere. No doubt people recall the standstill that befell a lot of supply chain and logistics streams thanks to the pandemic which instigated a necessity for change to traditional methods.

As the eCommerce industry continues to grow, companies like ours will continue becoming more intricate in our operations, with large scale delivery systems becoming more vital for maintaining client satisfaction. The same concepts and fundamental principles of supply chain and logistics companies remain, however the manner in which these principles of satisfaction, efficiency, and reliability are realised are simply changing as the world does.

New Technological Tools & Enhancements

Not only will supply chain and logistics companies like BCR be more intrinsically involved in our day to day lives in 2022, but we’ll also have a whole new toolkit to utilise in order to fulfill our foundational role.

IoT/Live Tracking/Cloud Computing Capabilities

The largest enhancement we can find in the realm of supply chain and logistics capability resides in the immeasurable leap in cloud-based software and platforms. This technology has allowed a wealth of convenience and efficiency to flow naturally into our industry with consolidated reporting measures, more accurate and up to date readings of shipment details, and better overall client relations and transparency.

With 5G allowing for IoT (Internet of Things) to take charge in the live-tracking facets of supply chain and logistics, with individual shipments being able to process and illicit vital data for clients and us! Live tracking has become instrumental and expected by clients and customers in 2022 with a fair share of competitors flooding the market and increased demand for quick and effective delivery of goods both domestically and internationally.

Further Automation

Supply chain and logistics providers like us have kept a keen eye on the automation industry and its potential for further improving our client experience. Amazon has already kicked off this trend with driverless vehicular delivery direct to consumers which will not doubt set a tone and focus on the potential rather than the hindrance of automation. There’ll always be a need for smart and capable supply chain and logistics engineers and directors to ensure that each step of the complex process is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.