air-freight-services-australiaPoor planning, incorrect documentation, issues with packaging and ineffective communication are some of the common mistakes that can cause major problems for businesses.

For international business managers, it is crucial to make sure that the air freight supply chain works in a cost-effective way that guarantees customer satisfaction.

The rules that govern air freight have tightened in the past few years. If air freight is carried via a commercial aircraft, there are more factors to be aware of.

Certain items are considered hazardous goods, which may be banned and unable to be taken into certain places. These include flammable and battery-operated products. You may need a special permit to transport these goods in some cases.

Sending goods on the wrong type of aircraft can result in your cargo being detained and heavy financial penalties.

It is crucial to be aware that your goods may be restricted from commercial aircraft.

Check your documentation

Providing incomplete documentation can result in costly issues like demurrage and detention. It can also create further delays in projects or production lines.

Airfreight moves quickly, so it is important to have the correct paperwork. By aligning with a professional freight-forwarder, businesses can ensure a smoother process regarding their paperwork. Freight-forwarders also know the documentation required for different destinations.

Save space with efficient packing methods

Airfreight is often the most expensive method of transporting goods in Australia. The cost is calculated by the amount of space required, and if your shipment is inefficiently packed it will increase the cost to your business.

Operation teams should look at the most efficient methods for packing goods, to conserve space and ensure that the cargo does not exceed legal thresholds.

Proactive thinking is the ticket

Airfreight can either save you vast amounts of time in terms of cargo movements, or it can cost you significant sums if things go wrong. Luckily, most of the potential risks can be pro-actively managed or avoided by aligning with a freight forwarding partner that understands your company’s needs. They will ensure that what needs to get airborne does – smoothly, cost-effectively and with minimal time-wasting for the operations team.

Air-freight is a fast-moving industry, and often moving cargo involves tight planning schedules. This can result in more potential errors in the planning process.

By finding an established freight forwarder and taking advantage of their knowledge and experience, your company will minimise the risk of any schedule disruptions.

Knowing the rules and regulations of air-freight is crucial. By aligning with a professional freight forwarder, businesses can ensure they are meeting all government regulations, and minimise costs wherever possible.

Airfreight can save you a lot of time when moving your cargo. All the risks related to airfreight can be managed with effective planning and open communication.

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