Logistics is an operation-centric business with interconnected and well-defined activities. Driving operational excellence throughout the logistics chain remains one of the key drivers of success and this can only be achieved through the deployment of best practices. Logistics managers face many challenges including process management, SKU (stock keeping unit) proliferation, on-time delivery, workforce management and interaction among various sub-functions. These challenges need to be overcome to ensure faster throughput and customer satisfaction.

Facing these challenges requires careful planning and deployment of best practices. These best practices are formed through years of experience and expertise. Melbourne 3PL providers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have been carefully forming these practices through years of serving customers and can deploy them with minor customisations for any business. By continuously improving these practices, 3PL logistics service providers in Melbourne assist customers in driving best-in-class operational performance.

Dive-in technological solutions

Monitoring hundreds or thousands of SKUs and their associated processes through paper-based transactions is no longer adequate. Costs are likely to increase without a significant improvement in productivity.

3PLs in Melbourne provides technology solutions that enable real-time visibility, faster and more accurate inventory procession, and a lower cost to serve. Their WMS can automate inventory allocation, order picking and communicate with material handling equipment to improve the accuracy and velocity of your product through the facility.

With a seasoned provider, you can optimise your technology investment while mitigating a costly risk of implementation and execution. Service providers of 3PL in Melbourne offer best practices to install and operate complex systems smoothly while tailoring their systems to meet your needs.

Manage your SKU proliferation

Today, customers expect more product variety and companies are competing to build more variety of products and offer a vast range of choices to customers. This is likely to increase sales for businesses but leads to SKU proliferation. SKU proliferation directly affects your operations, and more importantly, the forecasts.

Through the years, providers of 3PL services in Melbourne have acquired skillsets and developed best practices required to manage this increased complexity. Their latest technology, right storage, and shelving methods, and product segmentation manage the complexity of SKU proliferation, thus managing the complexity with ease.

Focus on multi-skilled workforce

Employees are important resources that drive operational excellence. Skilled and trained employees can increase their operational productivity. Multi-skilled employees bring a quality of work and avoid mistakes. In many cases, companies’ cross-train employees as this brings an awareness of the overall operation and can increase productivity. The challenge for companies is to find and retain talented people who can manage the operations of today and for the future.

3PL providers have a proven process to recruit and train their workforce according to the business’s operational needs. They also have experience in managing casual or short-term labour if this is required. This assists in keeping customer operations uninterrupted and hassle-free.

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