As a logistics or supply chain manager, continuous improvement is a key benefit logistics companies tend to focus on to help you grow your business.

Expert logistics companies know that in order to grow your business you ideally want the ability to service customer demand from many locations across Australia. To do this efficiently, you could have stock warehoused at central points in each state to minimise the delivery time to your customers and keep your domestic freight forwarding costs down.

Additionally, you want to ensure your supply chain is being managed by an innovative Warehouse Management System (WMS) at all locations, with access for you to monitor your inventory and delivery schedules as orders are shipped to customers.

Read on to learn 3 continuous improvement benefits logistic companies can offer your supply chain.

1) 24/7 Real time supply chain execution

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides 24/7 visibility of your stock so you can monitor your inventory and make adjustments in line with customer demand. To give you confidence that your supply chain is running smoothly, innovative logistics companies should provide 24/7 real time access so you can access your inventory and transactions including the shipping phases the stock moves through and when stock is delivered.

2) Smart replenishment planning

To optimise your supply chain, smart businesses ideally plan beyond replenishing stock levels to effectively manage their inventory. Rather than depend on an automatic replenishment that may not be needed on the schedule set, you can access your WMS data and assess every item and decide a replenish plan that meets your requirements. WMS technology can also assess inventory levels at multiple locations and allow you to move stock between sites to service customer demand.

3) Improved responsiveness and demand planning

A safe way to plan for things you can’t forecast is to utilise your WMS to record all your items so you can effectively determine how you respond to market demand for them. Logistics solution providers use WMS technology to manage your inventory and help you decide how to manage new items and rotating stock to locations with demand. This gives you better visibility of where all your stock is housed, re-routed and distributed so you can better determine your replenishment levels and any new items you may like to add to your inventory base.

24/7 real time WMS access, smart replenishment planning and improved responsiveness and demand planning are valuable continuous improvement benefits your business can gain from engaging logistics companies for supply chain services. For more than a century BCR has assisted small, medium and large businesses gain continuous improvement benefits from 3PL and warehousing services in many cities across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns and Townsville.