Australia is firmly integrated within the global marketplace and as our population continues to grow and domestic manufacturing continues to decrease, we will increasingly be sourcing products from overseas markets. As a freight or logistics manager, this increase would be apparent within your daily life, at work and when you shop. International freight companies in Australia have professional expertise in freight logistics to assist you to meet your extensive global logistics requirements in order to enrich your customer satisfaction and keep you a step ahead from your competitors.

We talk a bit in our blog about the benefits of outsourcing some or parts of your logistics. Outsourcing your freight operation to international freight companies with an extensive global network makes many international markets accessible for you and also simplifies the importing process for products manufactured overseas. Managing 3PL activities including international freight forwarding operations, custom clearance, warehousing (domestic and offshore), transportation and other value added services is complicated, even for a well-established businesses.

It is always beneficial to have local representation at origin and destination that can be there to handle these 3PL services for you. International freight companies in Australia take care of this job for you with the assistance of their global offices and partners. Now let’s take a look at five important requirements that an expert 3PL can handle for you and how.

Requirements related to international freight logistics

Importing or exporting your products or components overseas is not just about getting your freight to the destination, it requires your packaging, labelling, and documentation to be correct, keeping in mind the requirements of exporting/importing country. International freight forwarders in Australia have years of experience and knowledge in managing all these and can ensure that things don’t go wrong for you.

Requirements related to Custom Clearance

Custom brokerage is one of the most crucial parts of international trade. Benchmarking and standardisation of this process is extremely difficult as the governments in all countries use it to control trade in and out of country. The rules and regulations change frequently and it is almost impossible to stay up to date on all changes, whether in Australia or several continents away. Not knowing the most current regulations can mean shipments getting stuck and delays of several days. Not to mention that you could be overpaying in duty by not being informed on relevant tariff concessions and free trade agreements. To overcome this challenge, local offices of international freight companies always keep an eye on changes and keep their customers updated.

Requirements related to best available routing on various carriers

While sitting down to plan your global supply chain with respect to lead times and the best routing and carrier options available, having an international freight company by your side is highly beneficial. This is extremely important for businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide given the slack season programs currently in operation for Australia. International freight companies come equipped with various local and global knowledge and options for carrying your goods and assist you select the ones that best fit your requirements.

Requirements related to origin and destination transportation

Meeting your sea freight or air freight timelines to and from ports can be challenging. A quick and timely arrangement of vehicles increases your order fulfilment rate and assists in connecting your cargo to the planned sea freight vessel or air freight flight. Anybody who has dealt with logistics knows that the transportation part can be the trickiest and most fallible if you do not chose the right transportation company for first or last mile logistics.

This part of logistics is very local by nature and one needs to know the local transportation companies that can do the job for you. A freight forwarder in Australia, such as BCR, will know the best transportation companies to use within Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Townsville, Cairns or other parts of the country, and the BCR Global Network will have a similar relationship with the best transportation companies in other companies.

Requirements to know every cost in end-to-end shipping

It is given that when you ship goods globally, you need to be completely informed and in control of costs as these costs have huge impact on the landed costs and hence profitability of the business. This can be well accomplished with the help of international freight companies and their global network offices as they know every single cost element, whether normal or exceptional. This ensures that you are thoroughly informed of your supply chain costs and are not up for any surprises at later stages.

In short, by outsourcing to a freight forwarder you can reduce risk and simplify the importing and exporting process while increasing your confidence that your logistics will be managed by experts with care. Seasoned freight forwarders understand your 3PL logistics requirements relating to international freight, customs brokerage, sea freight and air freight routing and carrier selection, origin and destination transportation. They can deliver landed costing reports to you that include all of your freight forwarding charges. To learn more on freight and logistics related information, subscribe to our blog updates by clicking the button below.

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