Managing an international supply chain process can be incredibly difficult without the help of established freight forwarding companies. There are many different factors to consider, including whether your business is exporting or importing, the container load, whether you are using sea or air cargo, etc.

At BCR, Australia’s leading freight forwarding company, we offer air and sea cargo options. Our team has 130 years of experience under their belt and an extensive network connection of international channels across the continent to help you send off exports and imports with complete ease.

In the following sections, we’re going to take a closer look at how Europe freight forwarding is conducted, and how this can massively benefit your business.

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About Europe Freight Forwarding

Europe is one of the biggest trading partners with Australia, garnering more than $69.3 billion yearly which is still increasing today. At BCR, we can ship an array of products from the region including furnishings, homeware goods, mechanical/automobile machinery, medical equipment, and steel. Its high-quality manufacturing industries in France, Germany, Italy, and the UK make this region of the world the best for performing shipments. For these reasons alone, Europe freight forwarding is incredibly simple to merge or mass-produce a product.

Next, we will jump right into the many benefits you can expect after getting assistance from our freight forwarding company.

What Are The Benefits?


One major reason freight forwarding companies can be beneficial to your business is the fact that they can make the whole shipping process much easier. At BCR, we have a streamlined network across the continent capable of conveniently shipping from different areas across the European region to Australia. We can ship from multiple ports, including Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bremen, Hamburg, Le Havre, Marseille, and Rotterdam.

Our exceptional freight forwarders can deliver by air or sea cargo from the European region to all the major cities, including Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and other cities across Australia. With our endless list of good partnerships, you can be sure that the logistics process has never been so simple.

Cutting Costs

While the importation process might be difficult to manage, Europe freight forwarding is highly beneficial to help your business cut costs and ultimately improve your company. This can allow companies to prioritise and focus on other budgeting areas. At BCR, we offer affordable and effective freight forwarding services to ensure that your products will be shipped smoothly right away. With our service, we make sure that you get the best value for all your shipments.


Our team works to prevent shipping delays and simplify the travel regulations to help your cargo swiftly and effectively travel from Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and other major cities across Australia. Whether your business has FCL or LCL shipments, we can provide a variety of carrier options and consolidation services to make sure you get the shipment you require. No matter what stage you are at, we can help you throughout the logistics process from start to finish. We can help improve your customer service and work performance ultimately helping your business thrive.


At BCR, we can assure you that we have the best Europe freight forwarding service to help with your shipments. With over 125 years in the industry, we have helped make a difference in the lives of each of the clients we represent from an array of different fields. Our team is fast, efficient, and affordable, guaranteed to make the whole supply chain and logistics process a whole lot easier.

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