improve-order-fulfilment-brisbane-3plAre you having issues with efficient order fulfilment? Are your end customers complaining about late orders & highlighting short deliveries? If so you need to consider utilising a 3PL provider who achieves the key performance indicators that support your business.

Order fulfilment is defined as the steps involved in receiving, processing, and delivering orders to end customers. The order fulfilment rate is the percentage of orders fulfilled by available stock and drives the performance to achieve success in the supply chain.

Increasing accurate order fulfilment rates contributes to higher levels of customer satisfaction. To fulfil an order perfectly requires delivering the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time, in the right condition, to the right customer with the right documentation. In peak season or with a large volume of orders, achieving and maintaining a perfect order fulfilment rate consistently can be difficult and requires a dedicated resource to focus on their supply chain.

To keep products consistently flowing through your supply chain, and within the defined turnaround time requires a well-defined infrastructure, a skilled workforce, standardised processes, efficient storage methods, the correct inventory level, and a robust shipping network. To build all these requires years of focus, effort, and hard work. The energy and focus required to build these can distract you from focusing on your core competence, thus compromising your business growth.

A simpler option is to outsource to an experienced and professional provider of 3PL in Brisbane or a nationwide 3PL provider which also includes 3PL solutions for Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth. Business owners in Brisbane are fulfilling their orders by outsourcing their requirements to an experienced and efficient 3PL provider.

Storage efficiency

Storing products efficiently within a warehouse can be challenging. Seasonality can also contribute and further complicate by fluctuating space requirements. Due to inefficient storage systems, Logistics, and Supply Chain Managers in Brisbane face challenges that include:

  • Double handling,
  • Increased travel time,
  • Storage in inappropriate locations,
  • Inaccessibility and
  • The mixing of multiple SKUs in a single pallet location.

These factors influence various processes and decrease order fulfilment rate. Efficient storage systems used by experienced providers of 3PL Brisbane assist to expedite the picking process to reduce turnaround time and increase warehouse productivity. Outsourcing your warehousing to providers of 3PL services in Brisbane and Sydney can reduce the challenges that arise due to an inefficient storage system and assist with improving order fulfilment.

Effective Leadership and flexible workforce

A strong management team will plan, manage & monitor all aspects of fulfilment to meet customer requirements. The warehouse team plays a very important role in achieving successful order fulfilment rates. Whether storing your goods, picking, packing or dispatching them, performing each task without fault and promptly leads to perfect order fulfilment. Managing these tasks requires a flexible workforce where productivity needs to be improved to accommodate heavy demand or in the peak season. In this situation, a smart and experienced workforce makes a difference.

A skilled and experienced team will complete warehousing tasks quickly and comprehensively in comparison to an unskilled team. Further, they are always implementing continuous improvement methods to maximize output. Outsourced 3PL Brisbane service providers utilise a skilled workforce in their warehouses to accommodate peaks and troughs and maintain customer order fulfilment rates in any scenario.

Standard Operating Procedures to complete Fulfilment

Perfect order fulfilment is the result of the execution of error-free processes completed in a timely matter. Any incomplete or incorrect process can result in a failed delivery. Usually inward storage, picking, packing, labelling and shipping are the core processes performed within a warehouse and determine the fulfilment rate of any company.

To reduce errors and complete the process within the defined turnaround time, processes should be standardized. Non-standardized processes take more time and increase the impact on the end customer. Outsourced 3PL Brisbane providers implement standard operating procedures for each customer to deliver a solution based on their requirements.

Inventory Reconciliation

Product availability has a huge impact on order fulfilment. To achieve ideal order fulfilment, the product should be present in the inventory and available for on-time processing. Major reasons of product unavailability include:

  • Receipt discrepancies
  • Reconciliation between system vs physical inventory,
  • Incorrect safety stock settings and
  • Incorrect forecasting.

To avoid these situations, businesses should know the inventory level they are carrying. To ensure inventory accuracy and provide you with correct inventory levels, providers of 3PL Brisbane focus on receipt accuracy and perform cycle counts regularly and keep managers informed about mismatches or low inventory levels. This assists businesses to schedule replenishment and this leads to ideal order fulfilment.

Global freight forwarding services

Along with smart and efficient warehousing, a shipping or freight forwarding network should also be efficient to deliver the product on time. There is no value in using an effective and efficient warehousing solution, if a product does not reach the end customer safely and on time. Not having control over the shipping or freight forwarding process increases the risk of discrepancies for 3PL customers. To avoid this situation and reduce risk choose a provider of 3PL Brisbane that also can provide freight forwarding services. Single service providers, such as BCR, deliver to 3PL customers with more control, and this assists with perfect order fulfilment.

The order fulfilment rate helps to drive the performance of a supply chain. Higher-order fulfilment rates indicate high customer satisfaction levels and hence an increased possibility of achieving higher business growth. While perfect order fulfilment is the goal, it is quite challenging to achieve. Factors such as efficient infrastructure, global network, defined processes, and efficient workforce are not easy to build and are equally challenging to maintain and control. Outsourcing your warehousing (domestic and off-shore) and distribution to a knowledgeable and experienced provider of 3PL Brisbane, such as BCR, can give you easy access to best practice 3PL services and more control. This will assist you to achieve a perfect order fulfilment rate.

For more than 135 years BCR has assisted small, medium and large businesses achieve an optimum logistics solution with 3PL warehousing in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Townsville, Cairns and Perth. BCR also delivers integrated logistics solutions that include customs clearance and consulting, sea freight and air freight services to and from the major ports of including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle (Perth).