Air freight is an important part of the global supply chain for many businesses in Melbourne. Air freight to and from Tullamarine Airport has become increasingly popular. By using an IATA accredited air freight forwarder with a dedicated team focused on air freight solutions will help your business to move stock efficiently.

There are a number of freight forwarding services in Melbourne that can provide air freight quotes to destinations around the world. Here are a few of the ways these providers can assist your business with moving stock.

1) Ensuring the air waybill is correct

To gain a quick air freight quote, it is important to know an air waybill (AWB) must be supplied as evidence of the contract with the carrier. It is important to ensure the details of the weight and recipient information are correct. It must also be pre-printed with the carrier’s identification details. An expert 3PL provider will advise you that air freight cannot be executed in Melbourne without an AWB.

2) Carefully packing the goods for air freight

To ensure your goods can be shipped without delay, they must be packed carefully. Professional air freight forwarders are likely to provide you with packing guidelines to follow so your goods are not held up. If your shipment is delicate or fragile, it is important to take extra care and ensure appropriate packaging materials are used to secure your goods. Carefully packaged goods enable 3PL providers to quickly transport them and will protect your goods from spills or damage while in transit.

3) Clearly labelling your goods

Business owners know that any goods being shipped need to be clearly marked with business details including the company name and contact address. It also must include the name, address and phone number of the final destination. To ensure your air freight cargo arrives damage-free, include orientation labels to clearly mark how the goods should be transported and if any sensitive measures are required. It is also a good idea to number your cargo items and indicate how many packages there are in total.

4) Confirming the number of cargo items

While having a correct AWB, carefully packaged and clearly labelled goods can assist your business with moving goods, having an incorrect number of items ready for shipment can be a disaster. Whether the goods are being picked up or dropped off, it is important to ensure the cargo count is accurate and matches the air freight quote.

Shipping goods using air freight services in Melbourne can be straight-forward if you follow the correct procedures. Ensuring your AWB is correct, your goods are carefully packaged, clearly labelled and numbered are important steps. By selecting an established air freight forwarder you will be guided through this process.

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