customer servicesIt’s almost frightening the speed at which technology is evolving, and the rapid rise of cloud-based technologies to fulfil seemingly every business requirement. By the time you’ve reviewed competing submissions, and made a decision, the technology you thought was going to solve your logistics problem has been superseded by something shiny and more fashionable.

Remember My Space? What really drives technology though, it’s people! At some point, a problem has been identified, and technology has been deployed to solve it. For whom are we solving it, why of course, the customer! Duh! Without the people, the technology is like a Formula 1 car without a driver. Looks good, goes fast, but what problem does it solve; who’s going to drive it?

More than just technology

In the freight forwarding, customs and logistics industry, there are certainly a few Formula 1 cars, most prominently the large European companies. They have shiny new cars and deploy “new” technology. Why BCR also have our own Formula 1 car that our premium customers like to drive. New tech for customers is released all the time – but really, many are just Lemmings. They all do the same thing, just with a different bow.

If you’re a logistics manager, finance manager, procurement manager at some point you have responsibility for procuring a service from a freight forwarder to move your important purchase(s) from A to B.
The transportation of goods from A to B is probably the 2nd oldest industry in the world! You know the 1st!

There are three very important people (companies) involved in each transaction – the buyer, the seller and the person (company) responsible for transporting it from one to the other. The rest are just hangers on!
There will be a truck involved, probably a ship or an aircraft and a few pesky borders to clear goods through.

Whilst technology is amazing, without capable, passionate and committed professionals putting it all together for the customer, you’re potentially one step away from disaster.

Focusing on customer service

At BCR we put our customer first, in fact, in each office, there’s a statement on the wall saying that “in everything you do, stop and ask yourself, how does this impact the customer”. We don’t need a trophy on our reception desk to tell us what’s important to us, our customers. Our customers tell us! Our retention of our top customers has been consistently…100%. Not because we have the cheapest price, or the biggest fleet, or best office view. It’s because our team, are 100% committed to our customers. Whether it’s the IT team, the warehouse team or the Commercial Team, the compass points to our customers.

Our team, our people are our greatest asset. That’s why we continually invest in our team, in ensuring that our customer service skills right across the company are excellent. Each month, whether they work in Finance, the Warehouse or Customer Service, our team comes together for Customer Excellence training sessions.

It’s all too easy in the modern world, driven by technology to forget why we are in business. Not at BCR. A proudly Australian company, that for 126 years has been putting our freight forwarding, customs and logistics customer needs first. Of course, technology matters, and we aspire to be a digital leader in our market. Our customer has digital tools that make their life easier. However, our customers also know that they have the right person who cares enough to go the extra mile for them just a phone call, email or @mention away. Our customers like to deal with real people, and someone they can trust. BCR put the customer first in our customer service.

If working with a freight forwarder, customs broker or 3PL that you can trust is important to you, why not give BCR a call on 1300 663 227

Author Michael Thirgood BCR CEO

For more than a century, BCR has continued to help small, medium and large businesses achieve an optimum logistics solution with warehousing and transportation, including air freight and sea freight services to and from the major ports including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle (Perth).