This month we have seen the most significant change to the Australian Aviation Industry in decades. That is the introduction of 100% piece-level x-ray or physical screening of all cargo travelling by air from Australia on international flights.

Previously, the majority of Australia’s export international air cargo was examined after it had been consolidated onto crates, pallets or unit load devices. However, new Australian rules require all airlines transporting air cargo to examine 100% of this cargo at ‘piece-level’. Piece-level examination means that each individual piece of cargo in a shipment must be examined by x-ray or physically inspected by trained personnel before it can be loaded onto an aircraft. This is in line with international best practice.

As such, going forward all export air cargo will need to be security screened at piece-level, before it can depart the country on an aircraft. These changes to the industry cannot be avoided if you wish to continue to send your products by airfreight around the world. If these changes are not adhered to, your cargo may be rejected by the airlines.

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