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Tariff Concession Applications & Advice

It is no secret today’s supply chains compete against other supply chains in the quest to squeeze out costs. Your biggest competitor may be importing a similar product duty free and you are looking for a way to reduce your Customs-related expenses. You may be paying Customs duties on imported products that cannot be sourced in Australia.

BCR Tariff Concession consulting

With the BCR experts in customs clearance and consulting you can be confident that you are not paying unnecessary duties. We first review the product’s classification, if dutiable, then evaluate the use of any existing Tariff Concession that may apply to the product. If successful, we will apply the Tariff Concession on all future imports and process duty refunds on previous shipments.

If a Tariff Concession is not immediately available, we have a proven process that allows us to complete an application for the product and successfully obtain the Tariff Concession on your behalf.

BCR’s comprehensive Customs Broker Tariff Concession capabilities include:

  • Tariff Concession application
  • Tariff advice application
  • Important declaration amendment, duty refund
  • Customs compliance review
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