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Systems Integration & Customised Applications

When you deal with logistics providers with old legacy systems, often strung together in a patchwork of applications, receipt of timely and accurate data can be a struggle. Let alone the ability to do more strategic things with your supply chain and distribution channels. While all companies have similar needs for the visibility of their supply chain data, rarely are two customers alike in this area.

BCR technology support

The BCR IT and supply chain experts make it easy to configure systems to get the data sets you need to run your business — and grow. That’s why we have developed a customisable suite of mapping tools that allow for seamless data provisioning. Your requirements are all documented, data specification and business rules agreed upon, and automated tasks are then scheduled. Once established, there is no need for human intervention because automation takes care of sending your data in the agreed-upon format.

Our services include a range of customisable data provisioning services as well as tailored applications and interfaces that meet your unique requirements and business rules.

Data to your preferences

While our preferred data transfer solution is via Extensible Markup Language (XML), we can provide data in almost any format, including:

  • XML
  • CSV (comma separated values)
  • XLS (Excel)
  • Plain text
  • Proprietary EDI

We offer a variety of data delivery formats, including:

  • SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol)
  • FTP (file transfer protocol)
  • SFTP (secure FTP)
  • Web services

Learn more about how the BCR IT difference can set you up for improved PO management as well as track and trace.

What Our Customers Say About Us
  • Just a quick thank you for the organising you did for us for the first 3 containers. [The customer] was very pleased with the timeliness of the trucks [...], all arrived on the dot.

    Vinidex Pty. Ltd.

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