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Landed Costings

Determining the price of your products sold in Australia, whether in consumer markets or B2B, presents challenges. You want to make good margins but you must price your products competitively. Determining the landed cost or true cost of a product is an essential exercise. Financial controllers require accurate, granular visibility of supply chain expenses. These expenses include brokerage and logistics-related fees, transport costs, Customs duties, tariffs, taxes, insurance and more.

BCR landed cost service

Allow the experts at BCR to assist you in determining your true supply chain expenses. BCR landed cost analysis and solutions provide transparent visibility into:

Origin charges

  • Packing, quality control
  • Origin cartage
  • Origin Customs clearance
  • Shipping documentation and booking
  • Terminal handling

International movement

  • Freight
  • Security
  • Seasonal surcharges

Destination charges

  • Terminal handling
  • Customs and Quarantine clearance
  • Customs duty and other taxes
  • Unpack charges
  • Warehousing and distribution

Our landed cost analysis is provided in a completely user-defined format, including:

  • Printed
  • CSV (comma separated values), XLS (Excel)
  • XML
  • Proprietary EDI

By knowing your landed costs, armed with the big picture, you are then in a better position to make any changes in your supply chain. Particularly for products with thin margins, there’s little room for errors in Customs clearance, or inefficiencies that cause you to overpay transport, handling or other costs. Contact a BCR representative for a landed cost analysis.

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  • I have no hesitation in recommending BCR (Australia) Pty Ltd as a competent and competitive freight forwarder.

    RELN Pty. Ltd.

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