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Automated Scheduled Reporting

Supply chains don’t run themselves. To efficiently run your supply chain, you need accurate reporting of metrics and datasets such as exceptions, purchase order (PO) information and Customs-related transactions. Are you receiving inconsistent reports? Or relying on too many people or sources to send you what you need? Do you prefer order and shipping data to be sent to you instead of accessing online? Want your data delivered a certain way?

BCR automated reporting

With BCR automated data provisioning, you are armed with the information to better manage your supply chain. We understand that consistent and reliable data is an essential component of supply chain management. Simply put, with data consistently delivered in your preferred format, and at an agreed-upon time, your supply chain will run more smoothly.

Benefit by our full electronic data integration with consistent and uninterrupted receipt of data, delivered in scheduled reports. BCR automated scheduled reporting is available for all facets of your supply chain, including:

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