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Value-added Services

Importing products from different countries frequently requires localisation. Distributing products across Australia may require domestic warehousing and offshore warehousing and customisation of products. But with more required services, you increase the landed cost and total number of SKUs, making it difficult to perform demand planning and manage inventory. And more processes in the value chain mean more providers.

BCR value, always working for you

If you currently receive cargoes in Australia from overseas suppliers in loose, high-cost and labour-intensive processes, it’s time to think again. BCR value-added services allow you to maximise resources. Here are just a few examples:

  • Neutralise identity and origin of shipment which may include unlabelling, removal of all identifiers, repackaging into neutral cartons
  • Postpone value creation as much as possible by kitting pre-manufactured parts together
  • By slip sheeting at origin, we can substantially reduce the amount of labour and frequency of unloading, handling at destination, while still utilising the maximum cube of the container

BCR value-added services cover many capabilities, including:

  • Picking & packing, repackaging
  • Kitting, light assembly
  • Sequencing
  • Neutralisation: unlabelling, invoicing
  • Labelling, barcoding, tagging
  • Palletisation, slip sheeting
  • Quality assurance
  • Postponement, localisation
  • Bundling, unbundling
  • Returns, reverse logistics

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  • BCR’s ability to source competitive pricing, equipment and space protection, particularly during peak demand has proven invaluable to our business and overall supply chain success.

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