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Supply Chain Planning

Proliferating SKUs, numerous supply chain partners, a large supplier base as well as multiple countries of origin all make it difficult to identify — let alone eliminate — the root cause of pain points in the supply chain. Tougher yet are these questions:

  • How do I align supply chain strategy with my business strategy?
  • How do I assess risks, design networks and build collaborative models?
  • How do I use IT to my advantage?

BCR planning

Good supply chain management and planning starts with careful listening of our customer’s needs. We bring a proven track record of end-to-end planning of supply chains and industry best practices to our core verticals. Our holistic, cross-cultural and cross-departmental approach eliminates silos to get more done.

We have a proven track record in reducing overall supply chain costs through these services:

  • Supply chain planning: on a strategic, tactical and operational level
  • Strategic: supply chain analysis, network design, outsourcing, site selection, collaboration models, technology, best practices, risk assessment
  • Tactical: process engineering, warehouse design, forecasting & demand planning, inventory levels, performance management, transportation design/selection
  • Operational: material handling, ordering, receiving, stock-keeping, order fulfilment, dispatching

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