Are you looking to streamline your supply chain IT and achieve end-to-end visibility? As an Australia-based freight forwarder and 3PL, headquartered in Sydney, our global network and multi-regional expertise have allowed us to interact with many supply chain IT systems over the years. At BCR, we bring customers seamless integration of data between your systems and our comprehensive IT platform on an extensive web interface.

IT Capabilities

  • Single-source IT supply chain platform integrates purchase order (PO) management and control, warehousing, track and trace as well as Customs information, among other functions.
  • Customised solutions built into standardised, regular automated tasks to ensure the data you need is delivered to you in the manner and format you require — when you need it.
  • Landed cost analysis and periodical landed cost summaries
  • Customised applications and interfacing, including EDI/XML integration
  • WMS: warehouse receiving, deliveries and stock- on-hand reconciliations
  • Automated scheduled reporting
  • Delivery reports and proof of delivery (POD) confirmation
  • Shipment analysis by region
  • Unlimited flexibility with reporting and data analysis
  • Local team of BCR Software developers based in Sydney, supporting customers across all major Australian cities including Darwin, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth

Effective and Reliable Supply Chain Management Software

Are you looking to streamline your supply chain IT and achieve end-to-end visibility? As an Australia-based freight forwarder and specialist in 3PL, our global network and multi-regional expertise have allowed us to develop ground-breaking supply chain management software and systems. At BCR, we bring customers high-quality services by seamlessly integrating data between their systems and our comprehensive IT platform on an extensive web interface. With our headquarters based in Sydney, we consistently provide effective and reliable supply chain management software solutions.

If you’re still unsure what we do and how we can help, then read on to find out more!

IT Capabilities

Purchase Order Management and Control

Fortunately, our single-source supply chain management software and platform integrates PO management and control with various other critical functions. These include warehouse tracking, deliveries receiving, and stock-on-hand reconciliations. Our supply chain management software also contains automated scheduling reporting, ensuring that you receive vital information when you need it.

Customised Solutions

Another core capability of our supply chain management software is its customisation. Our model can be customised or standardised to perform regular, automated tasks. Indeed, this ensures that your data is consistent, secure, punctual, and delivered to you in a format that you recognise. Our program includes customised applications and interfacing, including XML/EDI integration.

Reliable Cost Analysis

Furthermore, our platform can create landed cost analysis and periodical cost summaries that are accurate and reliable. This also guarantees that you have unlimited flexibility with all reporting and data analysis. You’ll have access to current financial information, meaning you can make informed, effective decisions about your logistics management in real-time. If you want a cost-efficient logistics system, you should certainly consider our supply chain management software for your 3PL needs.

Regional Shipment Analysis and Local Development Support

At BCR, we understand that our clients appreciate local-based support. In other words, clients want assistance that is within reach. Thankfully, our BCR software developers are based in Sydney, supporting all our customers across major Australian cities, including Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, and Townsville. If you’re having trouble with anything, whether it be relating to our delivery reports or confirming proof of delivery (POD), then get in touch with our friendly team of developers.

Why You Should Choose Us

There are many reasons why you should choose us as your 3PL provider. Navigating supply chain management software and applying it to your specific needs can be a challenge. However, with our platform and ongoing development support, you’ll have access to premium logistics services. Here are the main reasons why you should work with us, as opposed to other 3PL specialists.

Our Extensive History

When you work with BCR, you are working with one of the oldest international freight forwarding companies. Founded in 1892, our family-run business hasn’t lost any of the passion or commitment it brings to each client and project.

Comprehensive Industry Expertise

Our industry experience and knowledge of supply chain management software systems are second to none because of our long-standing history. Regardless of the industry, you work in, we will always exceed your expectations with our industry best practices. Relying on our team’s diligence, acumen, and keen eye for problem-solving, you will benefit from optimal outcomes and efficient logistics decisions.

Reputation and Credibility

We have a fantastic reputation, one that is built on success, innovation, and consistently high standards. In 2016, the Australian Border Force (which was formally known as the Australian Customs Service) launched the Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) program. In effect, this platform recognises businesses with reliable supply chain management software and practices and compliant with all regulations. Becoming an ATT-accredited business enables you to have access to a plethora of trade facilitation benefits while allowing your business to work with other internationally ratified trading partners.

If you want to know more about the process of ATT accreditation, then get in touch with a member of the BCR team. We can walk you through the process, including the benefits and what you need to do to receive the accreditation.

Global Knowledge

One thing that we have over other 3PL providers and specialists is our extensive global expertise and knowledge. Because we’ve been operating in international networks for so long, we have the necessary resources and connections to stay informed and adapt. Whether it be changed to port requirements, offshore factories, charges, or new taxes, our supply chain management software practices will ensure that your business can excel globally.

Trusting your freight forward is essential, which is why we communicate our enterprise resource planning schemes clearly and transparently. If you want premium supply chain management software assistance, you should get in touch with the best provider. Get in touch with the team at BCR today!