Landed Costings

Landed Costings

Determining the price of your products sold in Australia, whether in consumer markets or B2B, presents challenges. You want to make good margins, but you must price your products competitively. Determining the landed cost or true cost of a product is an essential exercise. Allow the experts at BCR to assist you in determining your true supply chain expenses. BCR landed cost analysis and solutions provide transparent visibility into:

Origin Charges

  • Packing, quality control
  • Origin cartage
  • Origin Customs clearance
  • Shipping documentation and booking
  • Terminal handling

International Movement

  • Freight
  • Security
  • Seasonal surcharges

Destination Charges

  • Terminal handling
  • Customs and Quarantine clearance
  • Customs duty and other taxes
  • Unpack charges
  • Warehousing and distribution

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Determining the price of your products sold in Australia, whether in consumer markets or B2B, presents various challenges. Pricing is often a balancing act; on the one hand, you want to maximise your profitability, yet on the other hand, you need to price your products competitively. You don’t want to drive your customer base with expensive goods. Determining the landed cost or real cost of a product is an essential exercise.

Thankfully, the experts at BCR can assist you in determining product pricing points. We will be able to perform an audit of your supply chain and then provide international freight quotes. Using our landed cost analysis and solutions, you will have access to enhanced transparency and visibility, especially in the following key areas:


Origin charges refer to the costs attached to the services provided before the cargo has departed the origin seaport or airport. As a result, these costs relate to cartage, customs clearance, quality control measures, packaging, and packing requirements. It also refers to documentation, booking information, terminal handling, and other critical services provided at the origin location. A comprehensive audit of your supply chain system will ensure that you can rest assured that the figures will be accurate and reliable when we quote freight costs and charges.


The movement of cargo across both local and national boundaries can also be a logistical challenge. For example, Australia has stringent laws regarding the movement of certain items into the country, hence why tourists often complain about regulatory strictness. If you need shipping quotes, your freight needs to be assessed. This is because cargo is treated differently depending on how it needs to be handled, how large it is, and its fragility.

Moreover, our international freight quotes will consider whether there are any security issues relating to your cargo. Your products might need to go through added security checks or measures, depending on the country of origin. At the same time, we’ll include any seasonal surcharges or additional costs in your sea freight quotes.


At the other end of the spectrum are destination charges related to costs incurred once the cargo arrives at the desired location. So, what does this include? Well, terminal handling can be a hefty cost, which needs to be factored into your international freight quotes. As mentioned earlier, customs and quarantine requirements can be a significant cost driver as well, especially in countries like Australia. If the cargo is being delivered somewhere in Australia, customs duty, relevant taxes, and clearance issues will need to be sorted and factored into the quote.

Once your cargo arrives in the country, arrangements must be made to ensure that the load can be transported from the terminal to specific locations, namely warehouses. Consequently, our freight forwarder quotes will consider all the necessary services and processes that need to be ticked off.

With help from the reliable team at BCR, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that your supply chain charges and internal costing structures are reliable and sustaining.

Choosing Bcr

There are many great reasons why you should choose BCR to handle your shipping quotes and freight delivery needs. Firstly, our rich history reflects our innovation and capacity as an industry leader, as we have assisted with export and import structures for well over 120 years. Before we were known as BCR, the “Frank Cridland and Company” (as we were known then) operated as a horse and cart cargo system. Founded in 1892 by Frank Cridland, the company rose to become one of New South Wales’ most proficient freight agencies.

In the past century, our company has evolved, innovated, and strengthened its global logistics network. If you want a reliable quote for your freight needs, then do not hesitate to get in touch. Our software platform is second to none, underscored by our warehousing services, customs support, supply chain expertise, and knowledge of all things relating to 3PL.

Because of our expansive knowledge of the industry and everything it entails, many of our clients come to us in need of international freight quotes and internal cost auditing. Whether your cargo is being transported by land, air, or water, consulting with our team will ensure that you comply with all necessary regulations and fulfill your obligations, while receiving ongoing logistics support from one of the pre-eminent 3PL specialists.

At the end of the day, you want to ensure that your cargo is delivered, warehoused, and transported as effectively and timely as possible. For fragile items or perishable stock, packaging and handling requirements need to be altered, to encourage habits that are mindful of delicate stock.