Track and Trace

Track and Trace

Leave the chaos behind with BCR efficiency that puts key shipment data at your fingertips with search functions that include container number, product code, supplier, bill of lading, port of lading and more. Easily manage exceptions. Become the master of your supply chain to achieve greater efficiencies with BCR’s extensive array of interactive track-and-trace functions via our WebTracking interface. The system, completely web-based, allows you to stay on top of your supply chain.

Real-Time Visibility

  • Real-time status updates of your shipments, including ETD, ETA information, commercial invoice, customs clearance status and delivery timelines
  • Access to reporting and historical shipment data
  • Real-time consignment visibility
  • Commercial invoice and commercial document retrieval
  • Landed cost analysis
  • Australian Customs & Border Protection Service (ACBPS) documents and receipt
  • Order visibility, management and status
  • Account enquiry, invoice reprints and self-service statements

Premium 3PL Track and Trace Logistics

Are you struggling to maintain reliable and effective track and trace logistics with your supply chain system? If the answer is in the affirmative, then it’s about time that you leave the chaos behind and sign up for some BCR efficiency! At BCR, we always put the customer first, which is why we are one of the most highly regarded third-party-logistics providers in Australia.

Our comprehensive 3PL track and trace system puts critical shipment data at your fingertips with search functions that include container number, product code, supplier, bill of lading, a port of lading, and more. Because of our accessible platform, you can easily manage all your shipments – even the more complicated entries. You can deal with changes in real-time, thereby becoming the master of your supply chain. Indeed, this will allow you to achieve greater efficiencies with BCR’s extensive array of interactive track and trace logistics functions via our WebTracking interface. The system, completely web-based, will enable you to stay on top of your supply chain.

So, why should you choose our 3PL track and track system over others? Well, check out some of the great reasons below:


One of our 3PL track and trace program’s great benefits is that it provides the client with real-time visibility. In other words, you’ll receive real-time status updates regarding your shipments. These updates will include information like ETD, ETA information, commercial invoice, customs clearance status, and delivery timelines.

At the same time, you’ll have access to all reporting information historical data relating to different shipments and freights. This means you’ll have real-time consignment visibility, allowing you to make effective business decisions. To make informed strategic decisions, one needs to have maximum visibility of their orders, management, and tracking status, which can be streamlined using our platform. Our 3PL track and trace platform enables users to retrieve commercial invoices and past commercial documentation, which is essential for collating financial information and historical records.

TERRIFIC, rich history

Another advantage of using our 3PL track and trace program is because of our rich, extensive history. BCR was founded way back in 1892, emerging as one of the first freight forwarders in the entire country. The founder, Frank Cridland, started the freight business using horses and carts, operating up to 10 teams during the late 1800s. By 1911, the business (known as “Frank Cridland and Company”) had purchased enough land for stabling his growing labour force and resource base. More than a century later, BCR has developed a national footprint across all major ports, freight routes, and airlines.

REPUTATION and Sustainability

At BCR, we pride ourselves on our efforts in sustainability. In our industry, the potential to improve environmental standards is immense. As a freight forwarder, we strive to minimise our ecological footprint and implement initiatives that help the environment. At BCR, we are proud of our Australian heritage and our capacity to provide track and trace logistics processes that are “greener”.

Our values are to minimise the wastage from our services and encourage industry best practices across all our projects. Throughout the 3PL track and trace system, we work with our clients to refine their purchasing methods, warehousing, and transportation. By consolidating freight and transportation routes, we’ll be able to improve efficiencies in your supply chain network and lower your environmental impact. How do we live up to your standards? Well, we have the following in-house sustainability measures:

  • Comprehensive paper recycling program
  • Digitised workspaces and teams – minimising the need for paper documentation
  • Scanning/imaging of critical documents to reduce paper wastage
  • Forklifts that are 95% emissions-free
  • Off-peak deliveries using our track and trace logistics

Comprehensive worldwide network

Our global supply chain network is immense and clearly defined. We assist both international and domestic carriers/businesses with regulatory compliance. We have the necessary resources and expertise to ensure that our clients know the best industry practices, changes to shipping laws, and other modifications required to your enterprise resource planning module.

Over the past 2 decades, our 3PL track and trace system has expanded exponentially to more than 100 countries and 300 different locations. Because we work across 6 continents, we work with diverse cultures and experiences. It is vital in our work that we know the local cultures and practices, leveraging these capabilities to derive influence and productivity for our clients.

Our track and trace logistics services are succinctly integrated and refined across our 10 000 strong workforces, thereby ensuring that our clients receive premium, high-quality services they can rely on.