Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

The BCR WMS manages and tracks all activities related to the warehouse, including inbound, stock-keeping and outbound. We offer complete visibility into the warehouse status of your cargo from stock on hand and committed stock to available stock. Allow the WMS to automate the flow of all materials (material handling) and information involving the movement of these goods across multiple sites in your supply chain.


  • Real-time, 24/7 web-based access to real-time information on inventory balances and stock transactions
  • Automated replenishment for reorders based on minimum stock levels by SKU
  • Analysis of fast- to slow-moving items that define the ideal storage location to reduce travel distances


  • Vast configuration possibilities and high degree of personalisation
  • Superb user friendliness and user effectiveness through colour-coded dashboards
  • Embedded analytics and advanced reporting capabilities
  • Swift and accurate warehouse operation supported by radio frequency (RF) technology for real-time updates
  • State-of-the-art IT systems and architecture
  • Automated upload and download of stock information and status updates
  • Full seamless electronic integration with other supply chain systems
  • RF handheld devices on BCR’s delivery trucks provide proof of deliveries (PODs)

Revolutionising your Warehousing Management Systems with BCR

For any business, the strategies used to expeditated inventory management in supply chain networks are critical to its long-term success. Thankfully, BCR has been assisting businesses with their logistics support for more than a century. Our comprehensive and innovative WMS systems are designed to track tracks all activities related to transportation, freight management, and logistics coordination.

Warehousing management systems need to be clear and transparent, thereby ensuring that all parties involved understand the project’s goals and expectations. Our team can help streamline these processes, including activities in inbound, stock-keeping, and outbound functions. We offer complete visibility using our WMS systems, ranging from your cargo’s status from stock on hand to available stock. Our platform can automate the flow of all materials (material handling) and information involving the movement of these goods across multiple sites in your logistics network.

If you are still somewhat confused about how our warehousing management systems, then read on to find out more about BCR and the art of 3PL.


Our platforms are useful and popular for many reasons. Firstly, our platform offers clients real-time solutions via web-based access. This means clients can monitor their inventory capacities and stock transactions. There will be no delays or hassles inhibiting your ability to fulfill your orders and distribution needs.

Using our WHS, you’ll also have access to automated replenishment for reorders and rapid analysis of moving items. Our program will pinpoint ideal storage locations that are designed to minimise travel distances and remove unnecessary costs from your logistics framework.


If you want high-quality inventory management in your supply chain, then you simply can’t ignore our software. Using our platform, you can easily configure a range of possibilities with a high degree of customisation and personalisation. More importantly, for all the people out there who know nothing about technology, you’ll be pleased to know that our warehousing management system boasts superb user-friendliness through colour-coded dashboards.

Our platform also included embedded analytics, coupled with advanced reporting capabilities. These functions allow for accurate WMS monitoring, which is supported via real-time updates. Our user architecture is state-of-the-art quality, equipped with automatic upload procedures, downloading of stock information, and frequent status updates. Simultaneously, our module is compatible with streamlined electronic integration, allowing it to be combined with other methods in inventory management in your supply chain. With the use of hand-held devices, proof of delivery is all the easier!

why should you choose us?

Now that you’ve heard a lot about warehousing management systems and their utility in your logistics framework, the focus should be on choosing a reliable 3PL provider. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place already. At BCR, we pride ourselves on our reputation, long history of success, and commitment to simple goals and values. Since our humble beginnings back in 1892, we have worked with thousands and thousands of clients worldwide. The last few decades have seen a lot of growth in our company, as we’ve expanded overseas, embraced new, diverse markets, and innovated our conventional ways of thinking.

Environmental sustainability and other ethical practices also underscore our reputation and corporate identity. We are continually assessing ways in which we can streamline our processes and reduce our carbon footprint. In our Sydney headquarters, our offices abide by the following in-house prescriptions:

  • Digital teams and documentation (reducing paper wastage)
  • Extensive paper recycling program
  • Off-peak delivery channels
  • Environmentally conscious machinery and equipment

While our long history has enhanced our reputation and commitment to ethical goals, it has also meant that we can innovate and diversify based on our experience and expertise. Our track and trace scheme covers more than 100 countries, 6 continents, and 300 unique locations. While we have been challenged and put to the test many times, we have always risen to the occasion and proved our worth to our clients.

There are many warehousing management systems available in the current market; however, there’s no doubt that our platform is one of the best in the industry. Backed by our wealth of experience, knowledge of the industry, and user-friendly interface, our WHS platform will ensure that your business streamlines its costs, enhance your overall revenue margins, and improve your company’s image in the community.

If you are interested in working with us, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team. Revitalising your logistics output is something you won’t regret!