Today’s supply chains are complex and global. Competitive forces demand that your supply chain stays agile and responsive to keep up with the competition. BCR has dealt with the challenges you face as an importer or exporter. Our experts, conveniently located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth bring a wealth of experience across a diverse range of industries to help you plan, execute and manage your supply chain. Best practice advice comes with the territory when you select BCR as your logistics partner.

Expert Supply Chain Solutions

When it comes to handling the supply chain and logistics of your business, you can’t afford to place it in inexperienced hands. The way these operations are managed has a profound and measurable impact on almost every other aspect of your business, so it pays to have experts on your side.

At BCR, we’ve provided an effective supply chain consulting service for a multitude of clients big and small, each with challenges unique to them. No matter how extensive or complex your operations are, our supply chain specialists will be able to accurately identify inefficiencies in record time and strategise with you to solve them.


With so many moving parts, especially when it comes to global supply chains, finding and dealing with specific inefficiencies can seem like an impossible task. Our planning service gets results because we listen closely to our customers so that we have a firm understanding of their needs.

With our proven background in end-to-end planning and industry best, you can count on BCR to get the job done the right way. We deliver a holistic, cross-departmental, and cross-cultural supply chain service that eliminates redundancies and gives you better results across the board.


With any global supply chain, the amount of information you are dealing with can prove overwhelming. Sourcing materials across vast distances and between different cultures can leave you with a lot of blind spots that limit your ability to identify issues, let alone resolve them.

Establishing and measuring meaningful KPI’s across these verticals is a daunting task unto itself, and it’s really beneficial to have an experienced team behind you during this process. As a veteran supply chain company, BCR has the expertise and resources to supervise the entirety of your operations, or even just one aspect of it, all without any drama.

Whether you’re organising domestic transport of goods or dealing with a robust import/export system, BCR brings effective supply chain strategies to the table.

Transportation Management

No matter your level of experience, organising and managing the efficiency of domestic transport within Australia’s borders is a hefty task. At BCR, we can help you achieve the perfect supply chain integration, accounting for everything, including inter-company and interstate shipping, as well as selecting the best modes of transportation.

Whatever industry you are in, whatever commodity you are transporting, whatever customer you are serving – BCR can help. We provide management for all levels of shipping, including FTL, LTL and express.

Supplier Management

Everything from time zone differences to cultural barriers can create difficulties when it comes to managing overseas suppliers. These issues normally manifest in the form of delays and confusion when it comes to communication and performance measurement.

As one of the leading supply chain companies in Australia, BCR has plenty of experience dealing with suppliers from every corner of the globe. With our assistance, you will effortlessly overcome cultural and geographic barriers that are preventing your operations from running as smoothly as they should be.

Why BCR?

Supply chain and logistics management is something that you can’t afford to underestimate or take for granted. However, it can be hard to find the time to manage this area of your business with so many other priorities demanding your attention.

When you engage BCR, we handle everything on your behalf, so you can focus on the other core competencies of your business without looking back. With that said, we keep you in the know every step of the way and ensure that you can have total confidence your money is being well spent.

We are proficient with the latest technologies and consistently deliver the best results for our customers. Our case studies are a great resource to consult so you can see how we do things.

The BCR team is always eager to take on new challenges and impress you with their expertise. Whether you have a specific problem you need solved or simply want us to audit + manage your operations for the foreseeable future – we have you covered.