Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Managing offshore suppliers is difficult at best given cultural barriers and time differences. Worse, lack of information flows with overseas suppliers and communication problems make it difficult to measure performance and stay up to date. Leave those problems behind with BCR’s expertise in managing customers, suppliers and supply chains. We bridge geographic and cultural gaps through our global network partners who act as a liaison with suppliers. We manage your supplier orders and measure supplier performance, all on your behalf, providing these critical services:

Capabilities and Services

At BCR, our main aim is ensuring that your business runs smoothly and effectively so that you can meet, or better, surpass, the expectations of your clients. We want to take the hassle out of managing the complicated aspects of this so that you can focus on running your business. Your supply chain’s operation is one of the most crucial elements for helping your business run effectively. Here at BCR, we offer a range of supplier management services to ensure that everything is running as it should on your supplier’s end. In extension, we also provide services to help optimise your end and your supply chain as a whole. The optimisation of your supply chain will lead to improved business and customer relationships and will help boost your business overall. An important first step, however, is ensuring that you and your suppliers are on the same page and maintaining a productive relationship.

Why is supplier relationship management important?

Assessing your suppliers’ contributions to your business and determining the value of these contributions is crucial to creating a supply chain that fulfils you and your customers’ needs. Maintaining a relationship with your suppliers through which information and expectations can flow seamlessly is an important foundation for ensuring that your business is seeing the benefits from their services.

Establishing good communication between your business and your suppliers will ensure that you can grow your business to be both an efficient one and one with a good support system behind it. Creating a solid relationship with your suppliers will mean that your business can operate much smoother and in a way that ensures everyone’s needs are being met.

What are the benefits of supplier relationship management?

Supplier management has many benefits, including, but not limited to, an increase in efficiency, a reduction in cost and the opportunity for innovation exchanges. With clear communication about what both you and the supplier need to carry out your ends of the deal, efficiency will see a steady increase. Avoiding as much confusion or miscommunication as possible is important for ensuring that you do not experience delays and ensuring that your customers receive exceptional products. This communication and efficiency will also help to reduce costs. Once you have developed a relationship with your suppliers, they may even offer insight into innovation developments that could benefit your business. Strengthening your business partnerships is a great way to grow your business and evolve it into a more efficient one. Thanks to BCR, you no longer have to worry about developing and managing the strategies required to do this.

How can we manage these relationships?

The capabilities and services that we offer at BCR aim to assess your suppliers’ capabilities, measuring their performance and identifying any issues that there may be. From there, we aim to create a system in which you can discuss these issues with your suppliers and develop a better working relationship that ensures all parties are satisfied. Understanding your business and the supplier’s needs is crucial for determining what is required from the relationship and how to ensure that these expectations are met. Once we have this understanding, we can develop a plan to improve your supplier relationships. We are able to set up performance indicators, manage PO, provide automated scheduled exception reports and much more. These approaches help create an environment in which all parties understand what is expected and can communicate well to streamline the supply process.

If you are looking to take the stress and confusion out of supplier management, BCR’s supplier relationship management services are here to help. Our knowledgeable approach and well-developed strategies will ensure that you will see your supplier relationships improve and, through this, increase your productivity and the effectiveness and efficiency of your supply chain as a whole.