Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Global sourcing from multiple countries, over vast distances and differing cultures are blind spots in terms of visibility. Measuring internal key performance indicators (KPIs) is challenging. Even more daunting is setting up and measuring KPIs across your supplier base and 3PL providers. At BCR, we act at an arm’s length on behalf of our customers, across multiple industries. Our expertise allows us to manage your entire transportation and supply chain department, or a single function, without fuss. From managing only your domestic transportation to comprehensive import and export solutions, look no further than BCR.


  • Expert supply chain management, planning on a strategic, tactical and operational level
  • Create and run tenders and RFQs across various parts or your supply chain, including domestic transportation tenders
  • Manage information and data exchange across all supply chain parties on our IT platform
  • Supplier management that improves performance

Benefits of Good Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply chain management and logistics management are essential tools that almost every type of business needs to utilise. Without proper oversight, time and money are lost through a myriad of inefficiencies that can cause delays and even lead to complex, large-scale issues that could derail a business.

Rather than allow these issues to develop, every business should seek to employ strategic supply chain management. The earlier a business engages best-practice supply chain management systems, the more time and money it will save.

Enhance Customer Service

As a business, your customers expect their orders to be fulfilled correctly, ethically, and within the timeframe that you have promised them. Customers also expect items to be in-stock and available for them to purchase at their convenience (nobody likes to wait for stock to come in when they’re ready to buy now, and this can cause them to take their money elsewhere).

Having long-term and sustainable supply chain management systems in place means you can maximise customer satisfaction and minimise dissatisfaction. While stock shortages and delivery issues can affect even the most high-profile businesses around the world, their implementation of SCM means that these issues are kept to the absolute minimum.

Reducing Expenses

Utilising strategic supply chain management allows you to benefit from fully-optimised operations that run at the highest efficiency for the lowest cost. Effective SCM gives you the chance to create an end-to-end flow where the time goods spend sitting idle in a warehouse is brought to the absolute minimum.

Optimising your operations also works to eliminate expenses that would otherwise be caused by delays. For example, if a manufacturing plant faced a delay in the delivery of raw materials, then the shutdown could cost a small fortune.

An efficient and competently maintained supply chain management system allows you to be much more competitive in your industry by eliminating costs that others are incurring. Having this oversight over your operations can also help you think holistically about your business and identify other cost-saving measures.

Increasing Cash Flow and Avoiding New Expenses

Using SCM can dramatically increase the profitability of your business by controlling and minimising operational expenses. It can also result in savings on fixed assets (for example you may not need to buy/hire new delivery trucks if you’ve made your existing fleet more efficient).

Of course, strategic supply chain management will also speed up the rate at which transactions are made. This means an increase in cash flow, taking advantage of the market conditions and making the most money possible.

We’ll Help You Get These Benefits

Founded in 1892, BCR is one of Australia’s most experienced firms when it comes to supply chain management. With each successive generation, we have been at the forefront of best-practice SCM and have helped streamline, improve, and manage logistical operations for countless businesses.

We are also committed to protecting the environment by employing sustainable supply chain management practices with our customers. By improving efficiencies (especially with regards to shipping and transportation), we can help reduce the environmental impact of your operation and help you save money at the same time.

At the end of the day, our experience speaks for itself. We’ve remained one of Australia’s most trusted and dependable firms operating for over 100 years. We encourage you to take a look at some of our case studies to see for yourself how we employ our services to benefit the businesses we work with.

Contact us so we can discuss your SCM needs.