Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning

Proliferating SKUs, numerous supply chain partners, a large supplier base as well as multiple countries of origin all make it difficult to identify — let alone eliminate — the root cause of pain points in the supply chain. Good supply chain management and planning starts with careful listening of our customer’s needs. We bring a proven track record of end-to-end planning of supply chains and industry best practices to our core verticals. Our holistic, cross-cultural and cross-departmental approach eliminates silos to get more done.


  • Supply chain planning: on a strategic, tactical and operational level
  • Strategic: supply chain analysis, network design, outsourcing, site selection, collaboration models, technology, best practices, risk assessment
  • Tactical: process engineering, warehouse design, forecasting & demand planning, inventory levels, performance management, transportation design/selection
  • Operational: material handling, ordering, receiving, stock-keeping, order fulfilment, dispatching

Supply chain planning can be one of the most crucial yet difficult steps in your business’ development. At BCR, our supply planner services aim to help you determine a strategy that will benefit you and your company most moving forward.

Identifying weaknesses in your supply chain can often be an overwhelming task due to the vast number of factors contributing to its existence and operation. We at BCR hope to take the stress off this process by delivering efficient and practical solutions that can be easily implemented. We strive to listen carefully to your needs and work with you to develop a plan that will work for your individual business and its unique situation. From there, we can sort out the planning logistics and assist you in implementing a strategy that will further your business. Your business will benefit greatly from a smooth supply chain that is managed effectively. Your customers expect you to deliver your services as efficiently as possible, and a well-run supply chain is the foundation for this.

At BCR, we specialise in planning your supply chain’s logistics and determining more efficient ways of managing your business’ assets. Coordinating your assets is essential for balancing supply and demand. Our supply chain management planning approach focuses on the strategic, tactical and operational elements necessary to help you achieve this balance.

Strategic, Tactical and Operational Approaches

The strategic, tactical and operational levels through which we frame our supply chain management process ensure that each stage of the planning is covered. Through this, we can provide practical solutions that can be implemented quickly and easily by you.


Our strategic approach involves evaluating and analysing your existing supply chain and determining the strategies required to optimise it. This includes network design, developing collaboration models, undertaking risk assessment and more. This strategic step is one key level to supply chain planning and is essential for ensuring that your business has the foundations to operate its supply chain smoothly and collaborate with your suppliers to deliver products effectively to your customers.


Our tactical approach focuses primarily on factors such as warehouse design, inventory levels, performance management and more. This level ensures that you have the processes in place to deliver your customers the best experience possible. This step is important for pre-empting your business’s requirements and avoiding any problems before they even have a chance to arise.


On an operational level, we can assist you with managing aspects such as ordering, receiving, stop-keeping, dispatching and more. This hands-on aspect of supply chain planning will ensure that you have the correct inventory and that your customers’ orders can and will be fulfilled at an exceptional level.

This three-tiered approach to supply chain management planning has proven effective for handling all stages of the supply chain and ensuring that the planning logistics have been properly addressed so that you do not encounter avoidable problems down the track. The combination of these three factors will ensure that your supply chain has been optimised to the desired level. At BCR, we have valuable experience in each of these levels and are ready to talk to you about what you require for your business.

A well-planned supply chain is essential for delivering your customers an easy experience when dealing with your company. Any faults in your supply chain should be identified quickly, and any optimisation should be undertaken when you feel that there is room for improvement. Let us help you navigate this process. If you want to find out more about what BCR can do for you as a supply planner, contact our friendly team and allow them to help find a solution for you.