There has been a lot of talk amongst importer industry leaders regarding the importance of a good customs broker and freight forwarder and their utility to your business and interests. There has also been a lot of confusion regarding their specific roles which leads some of the more naïve and less experienced players in importation and exportation to skip their expertise entirely. 

While it’s admirable to go it alone sometimes, when it comes to customs and transportation of your goods and interests, unless you have extensive experience, it’s absolutely essential to let the experts handle it. Today we’ll be exploring freight forwarding, their utility for your business, and why picking the right one could make or break your business. 

What Does A Freight Forwarder Do?

To put it simply, a freight forwarder specialises in the transportation and logistics of goods whilst in transport. They plan, organise and ship between international borders on behalf of a client or shippers. A superior company will also have an inclusive collection of additional services to render including warehouse planning, insurance handling and even customs brokerage. 

In short, they are the couriers of your import goods, ferrying them safely to your chosen destination.

Why Utilise Them?

Herein lies the rub, a freight forwarder shouldn’t even need convincing of their utility, but we will quickly go through 3 of the main reasons hiring a decent freight forwarder will invariably benefit the bottom line for you and your business, and why having the right people for the job is essential for the optimal conclusion for your goods.

1. Problem Solving Is Inevitable & Avoidable

Yes, it is a paradoxical statement in the title, but hear us out. The fundamental function of a freight forwarder is ensuring a smooth transition for your goods from one place to another and the subsequent storage of that cargo. While it seems pretty rudimentary on paper, there is no shortage of ways that this could be impeded by unpredictable circumstances. 

A freight forwarder tackles this by having the knowledge and expertise in the business to adapt and improvise when red-tape or unforeseeable circumstances pop up and having the right company assures you that the wheels will keep turning – without stressing you heavily if you were to tackle the issue alone. 

2. Keeps Your Business Moving 

A superior freight forwarder essentially keeps your business moving without issue or avoidable delay. The utility of a superior representative will extend to their networking ability, which has a massive impact on your business if they’re clear, concise and effective. 

As it is a very international world, the supply chains require the best examples of competency to effectively manage the rules, regulations, and distribution channels that a freight forwarder is able to facilitate.

3. Takes Care Of The Headaches For You

The utility of a freight forwarder for your business resides in the details, the nitty-gritty dealings that would otherwise be occupying your valuable time if you were to go it alone. Their extensive knowledge aside, the advisable ones have the capacity to fill a lot of the smaller voids that have a significant impact later on down the line, this includes vital logistical and storage requirements, the paperwork and organisation from the point of origin for goods and even the insurance and packaging of the goods themselves. 

A good importer has more important aspects of the business to worry about and should be focusing on the big picture of the business rather than the logistics and transportation of the goods themselves. Hiring a well-backed company will not only save you valuable time and money, but it also allows you to focus on your business which will be made or broken based on your attention on it.