2017 had been a great year for the international air freight industry after its drought in 2016. The demand has grown more than expected. Airlines had to use the holiday weeks to clear up all the backlog of freight from the months before. And the forecast for 2018 looks just as bright.

At this point though, we want to see what our readers considered most important in 2017. What air freight topics were of interest, what headlines drew readers’ attention?

Read on to get more insights into the best air freight articles of 2017.

Interesting fact: When looking at the headlines, I realised that – just like in the air freight industry – time is on the short side for our readers; 4 out of 5 topics are lists which get straight to the point. This shows, there is no time to waste for logistics professionals in the air freight industry. I will keep this in mind for future posts to make the BCR blog even more relevant to our readers.

4 Vital Advantages Of International Air Freight Vs. Sea Freight

Choosing the ideal mode of transport for a business is an important process and needs to be based on facts rather than feelings. This is what the top air freight article in 2017 deals with. First of all, there is no wrong or right when choosing sea freight or air freight; it always depends on your business and product. Even a combination of both could be a very smart move. In this article, we first give you a profound list of questions that assist you in reviewing your product and supply chain to evaluate your requirements. Then we discuss for which requirements we recommend air freight services and why. Also, you can find specific information on transporting batteries on aircraft, as recent incidents and changes have impacted the industry.

5 Secrets For Cost Savings On International Air Freight

This article on cost savings within the air freight market addresses hidden costs and important factors that some companies may not consider in their cost calculation. This can lead to much higher landed costs than expected. Calculating door-to-door delivery charges in advance is only one way to decrease international air freight costs. Read the article to find four additional ways to give you more confidence in your freight cost calculations and fewer surprises on your invoice.

5 Ways Air Freight Enables You to Reach Your Customers Faster

Needless to say, air freight is the choice for FAST transportation. But is there a way to speed up the process any more? Yes, there is! This article gives you even five ways how your product can reach your customers faster with air freight. In order to be quick when it is necessary, preparation is key. That is one major necessity our air freight experts keep highlighting all the time. Therefore, we sat together and created an Air Freight Checklist to simplify your life as a logistics manager or managing director.

4 Crucial Benefits You Get With Air Freight Australia

This article looks at four benefits that air freight can bring to a business. Speed, a global network with 24/7 availability, expertise and on-time delivery are major advantages of air freight. Besides that, this article discusses how an Australian air freight forwarder adds value to a company’s performance and how they can turn air freight operations into a smooth and seamless process. At last, you can find the most important criteria for an air freight forwarder to be the right fit for you.

Can Air Freight Australia Assist You In Meeting Your Deadlines? Yes!

With air freight being the most accurate mode of transport, it will assist you in meeting critical deadlines. But why is air freight so accurate? What if product fails to arrive on-time and does not get on-board the booked aircraft? What about cancelled flights? And how can cargo be reliably delivered on-time at rural and remote locations especially in a large country like Australia? These are the major questions this article deals with. Every operations manager or managing director has to meet certain deadlines and when the schedule gets tight, it is vital to know which service you can rely on.

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