As the industry-leading logistics solution for Australia, we know a thing or two about what makes a 3PL warehouse in Perth truly efficient. Third Party Logistics have seen a resurgence in search volume and utility in the wake of the eCommerce boom which has seen record spending in all sized businesses across the industries. As such, the role of a 3PL warehouse in Perth has changed dramatically, necessitating a more modern approach and scalable environment.

BCR have always been on the cutting edge when it comes to innovation and adoption of technologies that streamline the logistics and supply chain process as a whole. Our capabilities and experience are apparent in any capacity, from providing an intuitive 3PL warehouse in Perth or as a freight forwarder in Sydney.

We’re always keeping a keen eye on the latest and greatest and today we’re going to be writing a little about digitisation and its vital importance in a logistical capacity for the modern era.

A Quick Recap On Third Party Logistics

Before we delve into the virtues of automation and digitisation for a 3PL warehouse in Perth, it helps to quickly understand the general roles and responsibilities that BCR and other third-party logistics providers tend to offer.

Essentially, companies like ours are able to offer outsourced logistical services to clients that can include, but not limited to:

  • Forwarding
  • Warehousing
  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Brokerage
  • And more

Almost any scale of company can utilise the expertise of a third-party logistical provider to streamline and delegate the deliverables to a trusted company while they focus on their own business.

The Utility of Digitisation & Paperless Adoption For A 3PL Warehouse In Perth

The aim of any third-party logistics provider is that of communication and visibility of information, of utilising whatever tools necessary to deliver scalable and bespoke storage and logistical solutions.

This is achieved through a number of intuitive and innovative software and systems that work with client expectations and requirements. This in turn allows more transparency and communicative potential between clients, their customers, and logistics experts.

Accessibility of real-time data across a number of facilities including stock levels, orders placed, and proficient tracking software all contribute towards proficient and modern logistics capabilities, especially in a 3PL warehouse in Perth. Digitisation and end-to-end accessibility are a major factor in modern supply chains and can be achieved using a few different avenues of approach – however, the encompassing factor that will determine the efficacy is in the IT integration and in the case of a 3PL warehouse in Perth, the WMS. This integral software has become more versatile and intuitive as time has gone on and allows providers like us to implement solutions ranging from better RF-scanning capabilities to Web Hooks and API’s.

Digitisation and visibility of live information are essential cogs in a modern 3PL warehouse in Perth, for scalability, convenience, and modern consumer expectations.

The BCR Difference

We’re always looking towards the future at BCR. We’ve been in business and serving the Australian community for over 100 years and will continue adopting the most innovative and streamlined solutions, whether it’s through a 3PL warehouse in Perth, or any logistical requirement you have around the country.