There is a subtle art for the importation of goods to our country, in fact to any country around the world. Importers will testify the difficulty that can arise from the stringent and ever-changing regulatory landscape that exists in the realm of importation and exportation, especially in Australia. The common denominator – as far as we’ve found with successful importers is the incorporation of a specialist customs broker into their budget and approach. With a certain air of expertise, there is a de-stressing factor coupled with a more professional image and ease of business conduct, in addition to saving unnecessary costs and creating operational efficiencies. 

Today we’ll go through a little bit about what’s involved with customs brokerage, and why it should be a heavily considered notion for any professional importer to have one in their corner. 

What is Customs Brokerage?

Simply put, customs brokerage is the act of representing, facilitating, and navigating the immensely confusing and often red-tape laden landscape of import law and regulation.  Customs Brokers have an extensive training and experience that makes them invaluable for any commercial importer. 

Representing your interests, calculating costs, navigating you through complex web of Customs and Biosecurity regulations and providing accurate, sound advice when needed. A Customs Broker truly is the jack of all trades and when push comes to shove, they’ll be in your corner with weighted expertise when required.

Why Go With A Customs Brokerage Specialist?

There are many answers to this pertinent question that we will break down into three key points of assistance for any importer. While there are several benefits for going with a licensed, professional representative, these key aspects incorporate the foundational bonuses that naturally occur from having a specialist by your side. If you’re on the fence, prepare to fall on the right side of it. 


Having a licensed customs broker is essential for navigating through the extensive and often arduous regulatory barriers that will invariably pop up throughout the importation of goods. The regulations change often and suddenly, are extensive and specific to regions, and have very little forgiveness for mistakes. This is where the Customs Broker comes into play – they’re trained, licensed, and  experienced  to ease this process considerably. 

Streamlined Processing

One of the hallmark characteristics of a Customs Broker is the ability to get your goods imported in a timely manner. They achieve this by having the foresight and experience to identify potential barriers present in your circumstance, utilising their expertise to facilitate a smoother experience and save you potential losses by avoidable delays. They achieve this while also minimising the risk for non-compliance penalties which are hefty and unforgiving. 

Calculation & Representation

The most important notion for Customs Brokers is in the calculation of duties & taxes, and effective representation of your business throughout in the process. A licensed Customs Broker is responsible for calculating the often intricate pricing levels for shipments, calculations of tariffs and duties payable, assessment and classification of goods 

 A Licensed Customs Broker acts on your behalf with the legal ability to represent you on matters such as customs valuation, duty dispute settlements and appeals. This saves time, money and headaches and will ultimately assist in driving your business forward. 

Engaging a licensed customs broker is not only a wise decision, it’s essential for any importer looking for streamlined and effective representation, negotiation and navigation of the trade industry.