There’s been perhaps no grater time for the logistics industry and those who work within it – particularly with the rising diversified nature of supply chain solutions and what they now entail. Thanks in no small part to an innovative renaissance in the field of supply chain solutions and logistical capabilities, companies like ours are able to offer a more robust and comprehensive management system.

How did this great shift occur you may be wondering, how has the field of supply chain solutions been so drastically impacted by an everchanging technological foundation? After all, there have been no real changes made to the physical components and warehouses. Freight is still shipped or flown from place to place. Drivers still use road vehicles to transport goods from one place to another.

Wherein lies the diversification then.

Innovative steps on the technological side of all industries have been a key instigator of many diversified and implementable benefits for industries that utilise them correctly. Thanks to some of these technological enhancements, BCR and the logistics industry can assuredly provide a more holistic and cohesive experience for clients and suppliers.

Supply Chain Solution – Track & Trace Capability

One of the most noticeable innovations taking place across our industry is in tracking and tracing of goods. The days of the paper manifest and projected delivery dates are long behind us with the incremental improvements being made for live-tracking and monitoring technologies being implemented across the spectrum.

As far as modern supply chain solutions are concerned, the capability brought with more responsive telecommunication tech combined with the 5G allowances for IoT (Internet of Things) levels of precision monitoring has allowed a more transparent system to be observable for clients, customers, and you.

Supply Chain Solution – Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence was once considered to be a singular entity residing in science fiction, never in a million years would we imagine incorporating the concept into supply chain solutions so readily – even more so that it has made such an incredible impact even in its infancy.

In the warehouses for large-scale operations, the utilisation of A.I tech comes to fruition in determining buyer patterns, maintaining essential orders, as well as correlating identifiable aspects that can be improved to better serve the client and the company. As we develop more intuitive algorithms, these conveniences will extrapolate more reliable data and lucrative potential for all parties thanks to ingenious methods of deduction and analysis.

Supply Chain Solution – Automating The Future

While automation in general is seen as the boogeyman of future jobs and industries, there is credence in considering the benefits it possesses for employees and clients alike. By deducting menial and time-consuming aspects of a position to automation, there resides a classic supply chain solution that has oft been overlooked when it comes to innovative steps – deliveries.

We’re already seeing aspects of the model be impacted from automated delivery systems, compiled with the added security of intuitive track & trace capability has seen the room for error become marginally thinner as more systems are introduced.

BCR On The Front Foot

BCR has always maintained a stringent fascination and implementation of the latest innovations for supply chain solutions. There is simply too much to explore in a single article, but rest assured, we are always keeping a steady eye on the latest and greatest means of making the logistics experience, as smooth as possible.

There are various new technologies appearing in conjunction with the ones we’ve mentioned already, however, these 3 are the principal footholds for optimistic and diversified supply chain solutions.