The world of supply chain and logistics is an essential aspect for keeping the modern economy plugging along – especially when it comes to eCommerce and the rise of internet shopping into the prominent method of purchasing goods. You wouldn’t necessarily connect the two industries off the bat – but without solid supply chain and logistics measures in place, all of your next-day deliveries and supermarkets would have a very different waiting period than we’ve all become accustomed to.

BCR have always been on the forefront of new technologies that allow for a smoother supply chain and logistics experience for our clients, regardless of industry. There are simply so many ways in which we are able to enhance and make the whole procedure better for everyone, from security measures to efficiency overall for clients and their workers.

If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that there is no rooftop to innovation, and the strain and outside-the-box thinking required to navigate the pandemically-troubled waters of supply chain and logistics proved that while the systems in place are sound – there is always room for improvement and innovation.

This blog post will explore some of the more exciting horizons that lie in the future of supply chain and logistics, and why they’ve been a long time coming.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have always been hot button topics in the supply chain and logistics companies around the world. The technology itself has been in a hotbed of controversy wherever it is mentioned it seems, mostly because of overwrought science fiction films and tv shows. However, when broken down into the actual elements of impact – the notion of AI and machine learning capabilities have a beautiful impact on the industry at large.

With unprecedented levels of data being available, each with a possibility of being analysed and applicable to enhancing the experience for clients and workers – it makes perfect sense for more intelligent automations to be possible in the next few years.

Already we’re seeing certain food processing companies utilise the tech for tracing and tracking purposes. Other companies are utilising machine learning capabilities to enhance the predictive behaviours and patterns in various aspects of supply chain and logistics divisions to tighten up and exemplify areas of the network that are not performing adequately.

Blockchain Security Measures

No doubt everyone with a Cryptocurrency carrying friend will have heard about Blockchain technology. A revolutionary method of keeping data secured in a leaky world. Many security networks and conglomerates have begun taking advantage of Blockchain in their programming which has in turn begun making its way into the world of supply chain and logistics.

The traceability of information and data streams has become more difficult as more information is being shared digitally than ever before. This necessitates a stronger security protocol to be put into place, for client assurances, and general safety.


While automation has always played a hefty role in supply chain and logistics for generations – it’s never been quite as adept and seamless as now. The future has a bright horizon on it for certain facets of supply chain and logistics providers, as time goes on and newer functionalities from AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain Security and IoT become more prevalent in the day-to-day, the automation aspect of supply chain and logistics will have an equal push in the right direction.

While many believe it will spell the end for human workers, it will only seek to develop new roles for humans and leave warehousing and other menial tasks in the hands of more advanced automation protocols.