There is something to be said for the utilisation of a helping hand for smaller to medium sized businesses. The 3PL warehouse is a sanctuary for benefits and advantages over your competition in the all-important evolution from a small to a medium or large-scale business. There are always temptations for business owners to think they can go it alone in terms of logistics and delivery of products on a larger scale than they’re used to. Some are successful with it, but many underestimate the dedicated time it actually requires to produce a worthy result, and often this comes at the behest or detriment to the productivity of the business.

A 3PL warehouse not only cuts out this unnecessary dedication of time and resources, it actually enhances the bottom line and destresses the business at large, this is especially necessary for the developmental stages of a small business as it parades into the horizon and becomes a larger and more competitive beast in the industry.

We obviously can’t talk enough about the utilities and benefits that a 3PL warehouse will invariably provide for any given business, so instead, we’re going to delve a little deeper into when you should be considering the utilisation of a 3PL warehouse and why it will assist in the long run.

When You Have An Increase In Inventory And Distribution

There comes a time in any business’ story where they need to consider the appropriation of a 3PL warehouse solution. There may be no more appropriate time than with the increase of inventory space and subsequent requirement of more precise management of these channels. A 3PL warehouse and logistics solution will stand out from the pack due to the nature of its business model, in terms of taking care of a larger scale of inventory and appropriately and efficiently sorting and ensuring that security and service are still maintained throughout the increased demand for space and management.


When your business is expanding in terms of volume output, it can be easy to get lost in the forest so to speak when it comes to staying on top of the distribution and organisation of the inventory. This can be a detriment to the bottom line if left to their own devices and can cause major disruption for the increasing inventory load. A 3PL warehouse is equipped to not only handle larger scale volumes of product and distribution but also be able to maintain a professional and well-maintained process.

When You Are Expanding Your Coverage Or Business Horizons

A 3PL warehouse is not only useful for increased volume and distribution models, but also for the expansion and increase in service coverage for a business. If you’re going it alone in terms of taking care of distribution and packaging of products, the increase or expansion of coverage can be crippling for the time spent organising and ensuring the same level of service is provided to customers. A 3PL warehouse will also be able to attune and adapt to rapid changes in the business model and be able to assist accordingly in ensuring there are no bumps in the changing of product lines and distribution channels.


This is inherently important for any small to medium sized business for a few reasons. The more important one being that a 3PL warehouse can effectively cover all the bases that would end up being costly and time-consuming if thrown on top of the already hefty workload of your company. A 3PL warehouse and logistics partner will not only alleviate these stresses but also provide a much-needed objective viewpoint on the model and make suggestions that will benefit all involved.