If packaging and distribution is not a core competency at your organisation, your fulfilment and storage may require an overhaul for peak performance and profitability. There are a few approaches to this eventuality, from the individual contracting of different freighting, shipping and delivery companies, this can be time-consuming and strain budgetary delegations over time however.

A more elegant and increasingly popular mode however resides in the concept of 3rd Party Logistics. The comprehensive third party logistics services of BCR will improve your order fulfilment, inventory accuracy and visibility.

After a thorough analysis, we configure and customise contracted services that are specified to your needs and growth strategy. Our facilities are conveniently located in Darwin, Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, to ensure all your local Australian based requirements are met.


If the previous 12 months has taught us anything, it’s the rise of e-commerce and deliverables has skyrocketed and fast becoming the normal way of providing goods for companies around the world. We’ve noticed this incremental increase at BCR and have innovated accordingly to keep up with the increasing demand that is befalling businesses that need comprehensive 3PL logistics at their disposal.

E-Commerce especially has seen a major uptake in business, necessitating the bolstering of efficacy with services related to the packaging, freighting and delivery of goods for companies of all sizes and across the industries. Getting ahead of the curve is essential for businesses trying to break into this new market, and is absolutely necessary for companies with an established stake in deliverables.

BCR has provided and continues to provide the necessary 3PL logistics services that can be adjusted and tailored for businesses attempting to remain viable in this changing landscape.


The rapid pace of innovation within warehouse logistics and supply chain and the opportunities for improvement have pushed 3PL providers to evolve from offering simple logistics services to more comprehensive 3PL services across Australia. In today’s economic market, 3rd party logistics companies have redefined their role based on the strategic coordination of their customers’ supply chain activities – the services they provide have become key ingredients in a successful and workable supply chain.

3PL’s are delivering more value by becoming a key partner to their customers and contributing to their competitive advantage. In today’s world, you need information on your stock 24/7 for 3PL nationally or located in individual warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth. Select a provider who uses radio frequency (RF) technology and a WMS that lets you track and trace the location and status of your orders. This increases transparency in your daily business. Ideally, the system should integrate with your other supply chain IT systems to reduce errors and improve accuracy.


Offshore logistics and warehousing, also known as origin consolidated freight services (CFS) or buyer consolidation is simple enough. If you import sea freight containers you will pay for the space irrespective of the utilisation. Full container loads that aren’t fully loaded on international trade lanes tend to add up fast. ‘Origin Consolidation’ or ‘Buyers Consolidation’ describes the process of consolidating LCL (Less than a Container Load) shipments at or near the origin of the goods before they get shipped to Australia (or to anywhere else in the world).

By eliminating excess costs and gaining efficiencies, buyer’s consolidation can drastically enhance the end-to-end supply chain. Often it is even possible to shift costly operations, including value-added services (VAS) from destination to origin. Utilising an experienced Freight Forwarder with an extensive partner network provides access to origin infrastructure. BCR has 120 operating facilities across 100 countries to accommodate origin consolidation requirements.


Our logistics and warehousing services bring you all the convenience of a single-source solution, fully customised to your needs now and in the future. We offer scalable distribution solutions that include a full range of transportation and warehousing solutions that allow you to meet the demands of your customers and service level agreements (SLAs).

For more than a century, BCR has continued to help small, medium and large businesses achieve an optimum logistics and warehousing solution with packaging, freight forwarding, and transportation, including air freight and sea freight services to and from the major ports including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle (Perth).

The tactical advantage for utilising this method is apparent in the delegation of tasks that are unrelated to the evolution of the business to us, leaving you with more time to focus on innovation and progression in your industry.


The efficiency, reliability, and traceability of your supply chain is absolutely essential for your business to succeed – if you are delivering to a customer or another business. Engaging a 3PL provider like BCR comes with numerous benefits that help to streamline your logistics network and ensure you never miss a beat when it comes to delivering to your customers.

Third party logistics is typically the most cost-effective way for many organisations to oversee their operations and supply chain. Engaging 3PL companies like BCR to manage a supply chain is often a lot cheaper and less time-consuming than trying to organise this internally. Not only this, with the collation of different services into a singular entity, you’ll be saving money over the long term – typically due to the fact that specified companies in the field have contracts, contacts and experience to facilitate the more cost-effective and streamlined solution for the business.

A 3PL warehouse is owned and operated by the firm you’ve outsourced to, meaning that responsibility for staffing, equipment, and the entire premises is on them. A professional third party logistics provider is going to be dedicated to their craft, meaning they will hire, train, and equip staff in the best possible manner to perform tasks in the most efficient way.

Engaging a 3PL warehouse also allows you to save money in the sense that you can scale your engagement with them based on seasonal demands. For example, you can scale back what you spend on 3PL when you have a dip in demand for your goods, rather than paying for space that isn’t being used.

With any kind of outsourcing, you are trusting someone else to handle an integral part of your business. While this can be perceived as a loss of control, you have nothing to fear if you engage a highly reputable and experienced provider like BCR which works collaboratively with customers to achieve the best results.


BCR has assisted a wide variety of companies for over 100 years from small and local businesses to international conglomerates. There is a safe assumption when employing 3PL in Australia that experience, and professionalism should be highly considered and weighted in decision making related to business.

Since the humble beginnings in 1892, BCR was founded on and continues to maintain a customer-centric focus that entails a rigorous passion for ensuring clients experience the easiest and smoothest operation possible. Practice makes perfect, and we’ve had a lot of practice.

BCR is not a simple 3PL provider – providing the finest all-encompassing experience includes smaller addendums to the freighting industry including customs brokerage and cover a wide array of differing industries through our comprehensive approach including construction, consumer and retail, e-fulfilment, medical supplies and even mining.

There’s no industry that isn’t worth covering, and BCR will strive to always provide the service that made us successful.