BCR is a trusted provider of 3PL logistics in Melbourne and we have provided our expert services to a wide range of business customers. We’ve earned a reputation for our meticulous attention to detail and responsiveness regarding all aspects of the supply chain, cementing BCR as one of the top 3PL’s in Melbourne today.

If you’re looking for a 3PL warehouse in Melbourne to store, protect, and efficiently manage your products and materials – BCR has you covered. Perhaps you’re unsatisfied with your current fulfilment and storage provider, or maybe you’re starting a new business and want to partner with a reliable provider of 3PL logistics in Melbourne.

Whatever the case may be, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today by calling 1300 663 227 so we can discuss your needs.

Our 3PL Logistics in Melbourne Provides:

Domestic Services

We provide comprehensive domestic 3PL warehousing in Melbourne that is strategically coordinated with the rest of your supply chain. We partner with you to provide you with a significant competitive advantage in your stock management operations.

We use a mix of RF (radio frequency) and WMS (warehouse management software) to make it easy for you to track and trace your stock, as well as know its status. All of this works to enhance transparency into your daily operations and integrate with other systems to minimise errors and improve accuracy.

Consolidated Freight Services

If you are importing goods to Victoria from overseas, our 3PL logistics in Melbourne can assist you with CFS (consolidated freight services). When you import freight containers, you lose money when the entire container space is not utilised, and this loss can add up quickly.

We can help you with LCL (less than container load) consolidation at or near the point of origin for the goods before shipping. This consolidation process can drastically improve your end-to-end supply chain by discovering efficiencies and eliminating excess costs.

At BCR, we have 120 facilities across 100 countries that allow us to handle your origin consolidation needs.

Scalable Distribution Solutions

Our scalable distribution solutions mean our 3PL warehousing in Melbourne can dynamically meet your needs from the moment you sign on until long into the future. These solutions encompass the full range of transportation and warehousing options so that you can easily meet your due diligence (SLAs) and the expectations of your customers.

Our capabilities with distribution include:

  • Customised systems for distribution enabled either by our internal assets or via trusted subcontractors
  • Advanced supply chain information technology solutions that identify blind spots
  • Full and ongoing support from a highly experienced team

Get Actionable Insights

The team at BCR prides itself on our ability to provide you with transparent logistics services that enhance your visibility surrounding purchase orders and stock levels, including balance and imbalances in your inventory. When you start working with us, we perform a robust analysis of your supply chain situation so that we can customise our services to best suit the needs of your business.

Throughout the time you work with us, we are committed to answering any questions that arise in a prompt, clear, and professional manner. Our team thrives on solving complex problems and will never leave you in the dark about what needs to be done.

By leveraging high-end WMS, we can give you real-time insights into all actions and transactions that you can access straight from your mobile phone. Combined with quick and easy access to our support team, you will able to make snap decisions based on the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

One of the likely reasons you’re seeking a 3PL in Melbourne to partner with is that you want to take the hassle off your shoulders and transfer it to experts who live and breathe supply chain logistics. At BCR, we are specialists with 3PL warehousing in Melbourne and other cities across Australia.

No matter if you are delivering goods to another business or an individual customer, you need to have total oversight over your supply chain to ensure it’s as efficient as possible. This oversight also means that you will be able to put out fires quickly or predict them before they occur.

At BCR, our 3PL warehousing in Melbourne gives you the most accurate insight into your stock. Our specialists will ensure that your goods are properly organised, cared for, and prepared for distribution.

You can put your trust in us.

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