Airfreight has become an increasingly common transport mode for Australian business to get their goods to domestic and international destinations fast. As a customer-focused business, this aspect of your supply chain should be seamless, ensuring your air freight forwarder can deliver your goods fast.

An expert in air freight services in Australia will be knowledgeable on the air freight schedules to locations around the world including the international airports in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. They are also likely to have a global network and relationships with reputable airlines and 3PL service providers to deliver you a competitive service.

1) How quickly can I get my air freight moving?

As the fastest transportation mode available, air freight can transfer your cargo within two days if you have completed the necessary steps to enable the cargo to be collected.

Firstly, you need to have paid your supplier and they will have received the settlement for the goods to provide a ‘cargo ready date’ for your goods. Air freight Australian forwarders usually arrange cargo collections within a day of being notified that the goods are ready so having your supplier paid and obtaining a cargo ready date will determine how fast your freight can get moving.

The transit time for your goods to be delivered is then dependent on the supplier’s origin location, aircraft space, availability and any transit points the cargo is scheduled to go through.

2) What information is required before the air freight is sent internationally?

To deliver a compliant international air freight service, air freight forwarders require an accepted quote, a Trading Application and a Letter of Authority authorising the provider to have the freight processed through the Australian Border Force (ABF) once it has arrived.

Once the quote acceptance, Trading Application and Letter of Authority have been received, the freight forwarder will also request your supplier’s full contact details including their name, email, telephone number, office and warehouse address. Additionally, the freight forwarder will request your Commercial Invoice for the goods and the packing list to enable the freight forwarder’s global network office to make contact and get your freight moving quickly.

3) What is the difference between the ‘Actual Weight’ and ‘Volumetric Weight’ of your goods?

While other freight modes such as sea freight charge by the actual weight, all air freight services are charged by the volume of the cargo.

The actual weight refers to the weight of your cargo while the volumetric weight is the weight calculated on the volume of the cargo.

Airfreight forwarders will quote your service based on the actual or volumetric weight, whichever is larger.

4) How is air freight Australia weight calculated?

The most common way air freight providers charge for air freight services is a volumetric weight where you multiply the dimensions of the goods, and multiply by the number of packages; and then multiply the total by the global industry standard: 167.

For example: if your cargo consists of 9 packages with dimensions of h: 0.9 | w: 0.9 | d: 0.9 you can multiply those numbers together and multiply by the number of packages as the first step. Lastly, you multiple this totals by 167 to calculate the total Volumetric weight.

Weight calculation process:
Step 1 – calculate dimensions
09x.09x.09 =

Step 2 – multiple by the number of packages
.729×9 =

Step 3 – multiple by 167
6.561×167 =

If the total actual weight is higher than this calculation the air freight forwarder will quote your chargeable weight as the actual weight rather than the volumetric weight. You can easily calculate your total actual weight and compare against the volumetric weight as part of your air freight quote review process.

By understanding the most common air freight questions and their answers including how the cargo weight is calculated and what the difference is between the actual and volumetric weight you can better plan air freight Australia services and be confident in knowing how to get your goods moving fast.

As an established air freight forwarder accredited by the IATA, BCR continues to provide personalised air freight services including competitive delivery times to small, medium and large businesses for import to or export from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.