The supply chain and logistics process is a network of organisations that work to create and transfer goods from beginning to end. The process usually moves between the supplier right to the end customer. Despite the simplicity, the operation is in fact an incredibly complicated process. In these cases, supply chain and logistics typically require moving across different countries in order to reach from point A to point B. At BCR, we are aware of the difficulties that come with being an exporter or importer. With our help, we can help you map out your supply chain and logistics the right way. Today, we’re going to take a closer look into the various steps involved in the supply chain and logistics process.

The Various Steps In The Supply Chain And Logistics Process

1. Plan

Planning is the first step when it comes to the supply chain and logistics process. This is highly important for sourcing and inventory to ensure the whole operation goes accordingly. Demand by demand planning works to ensure that the company can work within the budget as well as meet the needs of their customers. Having a clear prediction of the process from start to finish can prevent any issues from coming up. It is important to make sure that key components such as the location of the plant, sizing, warehouse design, IT programs are organised. At BCR, we know how complicated the supply chain and logistics process can be. We make it our priority to listen to our customers in order to make sure their needs are met. Our team has years of experience in providing high-quality end-to-end planning to guarantee smooth sailing with all your deliveries.

2. Source

The next stage in operation is to organise with vendors who will be able to meet the expected lead times of a project. This is particularly important to consider when it comes to being able to supply during seasonal surges. Sourcing is necessary to predict the amount of inventory required to meet the customers’ demands. This is because it can lead to losing revenue, costing you more money in the long run. Having a good organisation of the inventory removes any mistakes from occurring, keeping your customers satisfied. This part of the supply chain and logistics process promises that you have the best suppliers to ensure every next step goes smoothly. Having a good set of suppliers on hand can improve the productivity of the workload, ensuring that every delivery will get delivered on time.

3. Produce

Supply Chain and Logistics looks at generating the material from start to finish. This includes assembling, bundling, dressing, re-packaging, re-kitting, and staging. This part of the operation is essential to prevent any mistakes when customers receive the final product. During this stage, there are many processes involved to create products set to be delivered and tested. This is one of the most critical steps, as the execution will determine the trajectory for the rest of the process.

4. Delivery

During the delivery stage, this is the point whereby managers provide details on the quantity, the location, and the timing to deliver a product. Supply Chain and Logistics managers hire a variety of suitable quality carriers who can swiftly and effectively deliver the goods right on time. At BCR, we ensure our customers are notified within every stage of the delivery process to know where their delivery is on the go. If there are issues such as extreme weather or port congestions, our Supply Chain and Logistics team will find a solution.

5. Return

The final stage of the supply chain and logistics process is if a customer wants to return a product. This could occur for a variety of reasons, including the item being damaged or doesn’t comply with the customer’s specifications.