Previously we wrote about blank sailings in peak season and around Chinese New Year. One of our visitors now asked us: “What is the difference between blank sailings and canceled sailings?”

Read the response from Helia Leighton, Pricing Manager at BCR.

Blank sailings vs. canceled sailings – what is the difference?

Blank sailings and canceled sailings can be deemed as one and the same, for example, carriers whose turn it is to “blank sailor cancel a voyage” on a specific route may choose to either dry-dock the vessel at a nominated port or induce a vessel into another trade in Intra Asia momentarily.

What is the goal of blank sailings /canceled sailings?

The canceled voyage is aimed at reducing the space available in the respective week which then forces the carriers to purchase slots (or vessel space) from other consortiums servicing the trade in order to maintain a regular service. This mainly occurs in “off-peak period or slack season periods” in order to prevent rate erosion and provide a platform for driving rates up.