As one of the leading and longest-running freight forwarding companies in the country – we can say with some assurance that the Chinese market is an important one for our economy. Those who have any semblance of hindsight will undoubtedly recall that solid trade relations and the continual expansion of eCommerce have fueled a renewed need for importation efficiency.

When importing to Australia from China, freight forwarding services are not only recommended, they’re often necessary. A professional and bespoke freight forwarder provides peace of mind and helps ease some of the typical stresses of importation and border control, allowing companies to focus more on their business and less on the red tape.

At BCR, we utilise our years of experience and inherent understanding to facilitate optimal freight forwarding services from China for our clients.

The subject of today’s blog will be the evergreen and complex trading relationship Australia has with the Asia-Pacific region as a whole – and why having China freight forwarding set up from the beginning is the best possible move for a business owner.

A Unique Relationship

Australia has always had a unique and quite lucrative trading relationship with the Chinese. Our country is a great source of iron ore and natural gas (among other exports) for the Chinese market, and their production of Chinese-made products is perfectly suited for Australian markets.

This symbiotic relationship can be observed in the numbers alone, where Australia imported over a reported US$72 Billion from the country in 2021 alone. A large percentage of this figure is comprised of electronics and electronic goods – which is a staple for a number of businesses in Australia.

The complementarity of the trade relationship cannot be denied, and while there are current junctures that are being reported across media outlets to varying degrees – the mutual benefits derived from the relationship trickle through to businesses and the population on both sides.

The Australian Diversification

Any freight forwarding company will agree, diversification is incredibly important to sustaining strong ties with a number of countries – the APAC region is no different. Australia has spent the last few months working on amenable relations and boosting importation from surrounding countries in the Asia-Pacific region while still keeping a strong relationship with the Chinese.

As Australian companies continue to thrive in the eCommerce boom and electronics revolution, freight forwarding from China will become more necessary and vital for maintaining consumer satisfaction, and for keeping the trading relationship stronger than ever.

The Case For Dedicated China Freight Forwarders

As businesses continue to thrive post-pandemic, the question remains – what need is there for an experienced and dedicated China freight forwarder in the future?

Excellent question. The complexities associated with importation ports from the region necessitate having a representative that understands the minutiae and is able to navigate the various stakeholders involved with importation and distribution effortlessly. Developing a strategic plan for goods arriving from anywhere is the secret to on-time deliveries and seamless business continuation.

We’ve been doing this for over a century, so we know a thing or two about ensuring a smooth trip for goods – regardless of the port of call. Our experts are able to assist arrivals to all major ports including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, and many more.

If you’re in the market for a China freight forwarder that has the experience and can be trusted to represent you and your interests – look no further than BCR.

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