As we bounce back into the swing of things post-pandemic, the entire team at BCR is getting more excited about 3PL in Sydney and the possibilities of its, and the rest of the logistics industry’s future. As technology continuously innovates and progressively makes the entire supply chain smoother and more intuitive, everyone stands to benefit.

There is always something exciting on the horizon when it comes to streamlining and manifesting progress in the logistics industry and 3PL in Sydney as a whole. Many businesses that utilise 3PL in Sydney are relying on scalable and worthwhile solutions in order to keep up with the increased demand and consumer spending. Equally so, the providers of 3PL in Sydney are looking at various methods to do away with some of the legacy systems that are not built to withstand the current market.

We’re proud to be looking ahead and embracing the changes that are already here – as industry leading providers of 3PL in Sydney, we’re going to get you excited about it too.

Why 3PL In Sydney Is Busier Than Ever

In the wake of the pandemic and what is known as the ‘Amazon Effect’, there has never been as much talk about the logistics industry as there is now. With many companies facing a sink-or-swim choice to stick with clunkier legacy-based systems of management and supply, or head toward a streamlined and scalable future.

3PL in Sydney is one of the essential cogs for importation/exportation for Australia, as well as being the most populous city in the country. Third party logistics providers are dealing with the eCommerce boom in different ways, and while the pandemic impacts will be felt for some time to come, the consumerist trend of online purchasing is not slowing down any time soon.

So, how are we approaching this at BCR? How does a third-party logistics provider and supply chain management company keep up with the increasing demand and consumer expectations?

Simple, by embracing technology with automation and going paperless with digitisation.

Automation & Digitisation

Each company will have its own scale and approach to improving 3PL in Sydney. The notion that automation is anything but good for the industry is interesting. Automating systems and improvements being made to technology in everything from packaging being improved drastically with automated machinery to vehicular transportation being adapted with machine learning capabilities.

While the technology is constantly evolving, there is simply not enough peoplepower or ingenuity in the legacy systems to keep up with and control the influx of new client bases.

The paperless and digitisation side of the equation is where the real meat is as it is the older and more outdated systems of management and data organisation is where many logistics providers are dropping the ball in our opinion.

Manual processing and data entry on outdated systems is sluggish and opens the door for a mess of problems and are causing significant losses in potential revenue, according to a CeMAT report. Considering the number of legacy systems that still require such manual interaction, it is no wonder that some companies simply cannot keep up with the changing landscape. This is particularly true of Small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The Future Of Warehousing & 3PL In Sydney

Pertaining to 3PL in Sydney, and the surviving of it, the road ahead is paved with new ideas and challenges in the rapidly expanding industry. With predictions of the industry in Australia to continue on a compound annual growth rate of over 8% over the next 5 years according to a Mordor Intelligence report.

This means that the necessary steps toward digitisation and streamlined processes have to be taken by those who wish to remain relevant providers of 3PL in Sydney.